I want to order a grilled cheese on an iPad!

Milkhouse Grilled Cheese & Ice Cream

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After watching the video below, I’m itching to go to Milkhouse in Philadelphia for two reasons. First, I want to try one of their grilled cheese sandwiches, which sound amazing. Of course, having grown up in Wisconsin, I’ll need to also talk some customers out of getting the “house” grilled cheese which is made with American cheese (a big no-no for cheeseheads).

I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t also want to try one of their milkshakes. It would be worth the 2 hours of treadmill I’d probably have to do to burn it all off.

The second reason I want to go to Milkhouse has to do with their technology (surprise) which is driven by Comcast Business. I love how you can just walk up to an iPad and place your own order. Of course, if you want to speak to a human, you still can but I’d be all over the iPad ordering. Or I might try the phone ordering just to see how the receipt exchange works when I get there.

Driven by Comcast Business

As mentioned previously, the technology behind the scenes at Milkhouse is driven by Comcast Business which provides them the speed and convenience they need to serve over 300 people at lunch time every day (it will be over 301 people if I ever get out to Philadelphia!) The importance of this speed can’t be overstated. As much as I love technology and ordering my lunch via an iPad, if I have to wait long periods of time for screens to refresh or for my order total to appear, it will sour my experience and likely cause me not to return or to skip the iPad and go back to the old-fashioned human experience next time.

Of course, an even worse problem for a business owner to face is complete loss of their Internet service. You’ll see in the video below that all 4 of Milkhouse’s point of sale (POS) terminals rely on their Wi-Fi service. This is yet another reason Milkhouse relies on Comcast Business service. Comcast Business makes sure that their customers can reach one of the 1,900 live, specially trained Business Service representatives within about 30 seconds—and they won’t stop working until the issue is fixed.

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: Technology Supports Restaurant Functionality for Milkhouse

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