Open Snapchat And Unlock These 7 Hidden Features

Open Snapchat And Unlock These 7 Hidden Features

When you open Snapchat, it’s likely that you are doing so to connect with friends and catch up on the latest world news or pop culture updates. What some people don’t know is that Snapchat has a lot of hidden features to make your experience even better.

Snapchat is a treasure trove of clever tricks that most people don’t use because they don’t know they are there – flower crown, anyone? In July of 2017, the company released new features to make Snapchat more enjoyable to use. Time to open your account and check out seven hidden features you’ve been missing.

Open Snapchat To Enjoy These Awesome Hidden Features

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1. Snapchat Makes Phone Calls

As of 2016, Snapchat allows you to make both voice and video phone calls right from the platform. There are two different ways to make this happen. You can record a 10-second video or voice call and send it as Snapchat messages to a friend or call them from the platform live to chat. When you open Snapchat on your iPhone or Android device, look for the phone or video icon under the chat box and get talking.

2. Recognize Music

Have you ever heard a song and wondered who sang it? Snapchat has a feature that can help, you probably remember or still use the Shazam application. In case you don’t know, Shazam is a music recognition app that works with Snapchat.

Open your Snapchat app and then hold your finger on the camera screen. The app will open a Shazam window telling you the name of the artist and title of the song. Once you know what the song is you can then share it with all your friends.

3. Multi Snaps

You love to make videos with your Snapchat but 10-seconds isn’t long enough to say much. Today, Snapchat lets you record up to 60-seconds of a video if you know how. You only have to press and hold the record button and don’t let up. That triggers the apps to keep recording for up to one minute.

4. Double the Filter Fun

Double the Filter Fun | Open Snapchat And Unlock These 7 Hidden Features

In the early days of Snapchat filters, you had to make a choice: What filter would you like to use for your photo? Those days are over. Today, Snapchat allows you to use more than one filter at a time. To do this, swipe on the first filter on your Snapchat photos, then tap and hold as you swipe another. Two filters are much better than one.

5. Switch to Travel Mode

Why? It keeps Snapchat from using so much data. To activate travel mode, swipe down from the menu and select Settings. From there, scroll over to Manage Preferences and locate the Travel option. Just as much Snapchat but with less toll on your data budget.

6. Get Access to More Fantastic Emojis That Do More

They are there, you have to know how to find them. With your Snapchat open, take a photo. Next, look for that folder paper icon at the top of your screen right next to the “T” text icon. That opens the icon folder and lets you expand your options to decorate your picture the way you want it. If you overdo the stickers, hold your finger down on the one you want to remove and drag it over to the trash can. You can also pin emojis to something specific in a video. For example, let’s say you are filming your dog doing the cha-cha. You could pin an emoji that says “cute” on the dog and it will move as he moves.

7. Fast-Forward or Rewind

Make it so users can do more with your videos like slow them down or rewind. First, record your video then swipe sideways to access the control features. They work just like a Snapchat filter. The snail icon will allow the viewer to slow the video down. The Rabbit is for fast-forwarding and the Backward arrow allows them to rewind.

Do you like taking snaps of sceneries? Check out this Snapchat video on using Sky filters!

Snapchat makes messaging fun and flexible with cool features you won’t find anywhere else. Keep looking, too, because this app has even more fun treasure for you to find.

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Open Snapchat And Unlock These 7 Hidden Features
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