How often do you delete text messages on your phone? [POLL]


I rarely delete my text messages. With the way smartphones organize my text messages into conversations, I never want to lose the context of a conversation I am having with someone via text.

But as these conversations build up over time, my brain starts sending me signals that things are too cluttered. This is usually when I decide to do a little spring cleaning on my messages. Actually, spring cleaning may be too light of a term. What I normally do is select every single text message conversation and do a mass delete. In other words, I wipe them clean and start over.

On the flip side, I know people who never delete their text message conversations and I know people who delete them as soon as they are done reading them. And of course, there has to be a group of people somewhere in the middle who regularly delete their messages every few weeks or every few months.

So which one are you? I created the poll below so you can chime in with your answer. Could you please take a few seconds to indicate your response?

If you can not see the embedded poll above please use the following link: How often do you delete text messages on your phone?