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1. Protecting Yourself from Camera and Phone Spying

Phone spying is a real and growing concern in the new millennium. It’s time to take the necessary steps for you to secure your phone and keep your data safe. Read this article and see how you can keep yourself safe… Click to read more

2. Did You Know You Can Unsend Gmail Messages?

Have you ever sent an email you just wish you could take back? Now, you actually can. Read on to learn how to unsend gmail messages and everything else you need to know about it… Click to read more

3. 39 Best Horror Movies of All Time

What’s Halloween without a marathon of the best horror movies of all time heating up the TV screen and giving you a bone-chilling good time? Read on for 39 of the scariest movies ever for your viewing pleasure… Click to read more

4. Google Pixel 2 Review | Gadget Spotlight

While the world continues waiting for the release of the Google Pixel 3, we decided it was worth the time to go back and look at its predecessor. Keep reading to check out our Google Pixel 2 review, which goes over the most relevant features and examines how it stacks up against competitors… Click to read more

5. 9 Ways To Use Your Tech For Spooky Halloween Pranks

This Halloween, it’ll all be tricks and no treats for your friends with these high-tech Halloween pranks, including some that make use of gadgets you may already own… Click to read more

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Don’t Miss These Posts On Noobie…
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