News flash! Gadgets weren’t designed to withstand bending them in half

iPad Air 2 bend test

Bendgate has gone too far this time. I get that the iPhone 6 bends (slightly) when you put it in your pocket because of the curve of your body when you sit down. But an iPad being cracked in half like a glow stick? Come on people!

If you can not see the embedded video above please use the following link: iPad Air 2 Bend Test

Here’s some other shocking discoveries regarding the new iPad Air 2. If you set it on the ground and walk over it wearing high heels, it will shatter the glass. If you throw it like a frisbee in a parking lot, it will damage it when it lands. If you clamp it in a vice grip and tighten it as hard as you can, it will break the iPad.

By the way, the iPad can’t withstand a blender either.

This goes far beyond the iPad Air 2. The other day I threw a brick at my flat screen television and the screen broke. I ran over my laptop with my car and it immediately stopped working. I poured a glass of water over my Blu-ray player while it was plugged in and it shorted out.

It’s sad to see what has happened to the quality of our electronics and gadgets.

Anyone else have a sick feeling in their stomach that every new tech gadget released in the next 12 months is going to be subject to (and fail) the bend test?

P.S. I don’t even care if this video is real or fake. The fact that someone thinks it is Apple’s fault because their iPad Air 2 broke when they tried to snap it in half disgusts me. I even debated whether or not to embed the video above because I didn’t want it to get any more views but I figured people would want to know what I was referring to.




  1. Shane C

    Something else that bothers me Is the fact that these people spend money on these devices to do stuff like this them. Why not take that money and donate It toward a good cause or pay off some debt Instead? Just seems like a complete waste In my opinion.

    • Patric Welch

      I totally agree!

  2. maria rose

    Must be nice to have extra cash to play destroy with a very expensive item. Myself whenever i upgrade my phone, It doesn’t get used until it is encased inside an ottobox. Next time I will also have the heavier screen protector which just came out. My expensive electronics last me with no outside damage until next upgrade.