Netflix New Releases To Watch Out For Next Month

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Check out these Netflix new releases for November and see what’s binge-worthy!

Netflix New Releases to Watch this November


1. House of Cards – Season 6

The popular series has stirred quite a lot of emotions, not just for its stellar story-telling, but also for the whirlwind it has been through. With Kevin Spacey’s exit due to sexual allegations, fans feared this would spell the ending of the series. The good news is Robin Wright is reprising her role as Claire Underwood and will give fans the closure they deserve in this final season.

2. They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

Oscar-winning director, Morgan Neville, will walk us through the life of his famous fellow director Orson Welles in this sought-after documentary. Critics are already raving about this documentary, and it will be available to watch on Netflix starting November 2.

3. The Other Side of the Wind

This is a good movie to watch after you’re done with the above-mentioned documentary. This movie, written and produced by Orson Welles, has been left in limbo for decades. But soon, the world will see it as it has finally been completed with the help of an awesome Academy Award-winning post-production team. The movie hits Netflix on the same day as the documentary of its original maker.

4. Outlaw King

Joining the list of Netflix new movie releases is this film starring Chris Pine. The movie tells the true-to-life story of Robert The Bruce’s attempts to unite Scotland against the English. It features battle sequences comparable to that of Game of Throne’s war scenes.

5. Medal of Honor

This military docuseries is among the list of new Netflix releases. The 8-part anthology from Back to the Future and Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis tells the stories of different soldiers who have gone above and beyond and received their well-deserved Medals of Honor.

6. Narcos: Mexico

Narcos is back! But as hinted in the 3rd season, it’s taking place in a new location and with different people. It isn’t called Narcos season 4 as it starts a fresh new story in Mexico, but the show will still pretty much cover the bases the original Narcos series did. Michael Pena and Diego Luna will be joining the series as regulars in the series as it tackles the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel and the investigation of an undercover DEA agent.

7. Westside – Season 1

If you’re a fan of docuseries and reality shows, then there’s a high chance you will love binge-watching this upcoming Netflix series. The show tells the stories of nine hopeful musicians in their quest to fulfill their dreams of making it big in the entertainment business.

8. The Kominsky Method – Season 1

Chuck Lorre’s debut in the world of Netflix hasn’t been as great as we hoped it to be with Kathy Bates’ Disjointed. Lorre is getting a second chance, with hopefully better ratings, in this new series starring Michael Douglas. Douglas will play Sandy Kominsky who was a successful actor in his younger days and is now an acting coach.

9. She-Ra and the Princess of Power – Season 1

This upcoming new release from Netflix is bound to get the attention of the ’80s babies! The streaming giant has done a great job of rebooting the 80’s classics and She-Ra is next in line. The series follows the same story of a 16-year old orphan who battles evil forces after she picks up a magical sword that turned her into the Princess of Power.

10. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

James Franco, Liam Neeson, David Krumholtz, Zoe Kazan, and Clancy Brown are starring in this big Netflix project with the Coen brothers. The comedy movie gives a unique twist to Western classics. The reviews for this have already come out and they are exactly what you’d hope for.

11. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return – Season 2

Another ’80s classic well rebooted by Netflix is coming back for its second season. Get ready for a load more B movies with the gang!

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The year might be near its closing but that’s certainly not going to stop Netflix from releasing new and exciting content! There are lots of new Netflix releases to binge on after you’re done with your Halloween movie marathon. So open up your Netflix app and download away for on-the-go watching!

What Netflix new release are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments section!

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