MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand with Cooling Fan Review

MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand with Cooling Fan

One of the things I love about my Samsung Galaxy S8 is the wireless charging feature. Using any standard wireless charger, I simply set my phone on top of the wireless charging pad and my phone starts charging. No wire connection needed.

That being said, I’ve discovered some things along the way that I don’t like about most wireless chargers. Namely:

  • Most of them can’t handle fast charging for phones (like mine) that support it
  • My phone gets pretty hot when charging wirelessly
  • I have a hard time viewing my phone’s display when it is lying flat on the charger

MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand to the rescue

The MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand solves all three issues mentioned above. For starters, it handles wireless charging so it makes quick work of charging my Galaxy S8. Second, it has a built-in cooling fan with an intelligent temperature control chip. That’s a fancy way of saying it cools your phone if it starts to get hot. Finally, instead of a flat surface, the MeGa Wireless Charging Stand charges with your phone sitting upright, at a slight angle, so you can both view the screen and use the phone while it’s charging.

According to the manufacturer, the MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand is compatible with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X. And Quick Charge capability with Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, S9, S8 Plus, S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 8 and Note 5 and all other enabled devices (a QC2.0 a 3.0 adapter is needed).

Other nice features

Another nice feature of the MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand is the LED light on the bottom of the front side of the stand. This light illuminates either blue (charging) or green (phone is fully charged).

If you’re in the mood to watch a Netflix show or a YouTube video while wirelessly charging your phone, that’s not a problem either. The MeGa Wireless Charging Pad can charge your smartphone in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Wireless charging with/without a case

The product description of the MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand indicates it can charge with your smartphone’s case on as long as it is 3mm thick or less. I don’t know what the thickness of my smartphone case (Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S8 Plus Case) is, but it must be right at 3mm because charging flips on and off intermittently when I try charging my Galaxy S8 with the case on it. If I take the case off, it works flawlessly.

Interested in knowing how wireless charging works? Check out this video which explains the physics of wireless charging.

Want to unplug for a bit?

Note: The MeGa Wireless Charging Pad Stand with Cooling Fan mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here to purchase on



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