Marketing Your Business on Facebook: Boosting Sales on Social Media

Marketing Your Business on Facebook: Boosting Sales on Social MediaAs of June 2017, Facebook now has 2 billion monthly visitors interacting with the site, according to TechCrunch. These people are posting family videos, laughing at memes, and leaving comments on posts shared by friends on their news feeds. Such a vast network of potential customers may leave you scrambling to figure out ways to market your small business on Facebook and increase your sales aside from word-of-mouth advertising.

Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook isn’t like the other marketing avenues business owners relied on in the past. Most hard-sell tactics can turn off Facebook visitors. These kinds of status updates can trigger Facebook’s algorithm as being a promotional post. Yet marketing your local business on the social network is still a viable means of boosting sales despite the obstacles. Understanding the platform and how your audience gleans their information from posts will allow you to position yourself as an expert source in your industry. We’ve gathered together key pieces of advice to help you market your business brand:

  • Using Facebook Ads, Groups and Pages to Boost Market Brand Reach
  • Adding Personality to Your Business Profile
  • Optimizing Your Facebook Posts to Make Them shareable
  • Making a Facebook Group for Better Engagement
  • Increasing Reach with Paid Options

Using Facebook Ads, Groups and Pages to Boost Market Brand Reach

Facebook comes with its own set of tools and resources designed for business professionals and small business owners. There are 3 tools to pay attention to when marketing to visitors: Pages, Ads and Groups. While you can focus your efforts on using just one tool, consider factoring all three into your marketing strategies for a more responsive promotional tactic.

Facebook Ads: Advertising platform that allows you to create targeted ads based on a range of parameters such as geographic areas, age groups, and educational levels. You can manage ads in an interface called the business manager.

Facebook Groups: Allows you to create a discussion forum for users that can be used to draw businesses or customers based on industry or product offerings.

Facebook Pages: Businesses can use Facebook Pages in place of a regular personal profile that allows everyone to view and like their posts without any restrictions. This allows a random user to become a fan and cultivate into a customer after a period of time.

Marketing Your Business on Facebook: Boosting Sales on Social Media

Adding Personality to Your Business Profile

Just because you can’t use your personal information as your business profile to protect your privacy doesn’t mean you can’t add a human voice to your information. Make your business profile impressionable by telling a story about your business and what you offer. Then add your own personal voice into the writing to make it sound more casual and friendly.

Optimizing Your Facebook Posts to Make Them Shareable

The one important aspect to always remember about Facebook is that to be seen by more viewers, fans, or followers, you have to post relevant, shareable information. The more likes and shares that a post gets, the more prominent the post will be on other reader’s timelines. Try to take current news topics and relate them to your products or services in an intelligent manner. Utilize videos and photos to make your posts appealing and engaging that readers will jump at the chance to share the post with others.

Making a Facebook Group for Better Engagement

A Facebook group is a great way to start a discussion and to engage with visitors. You can create better engagement by asking open-ended questions that allow you to learn what your potential customers like or don’t like about certain products and services. Not only do you have the opportunity in marketing your business by using a Facebook Group, you can gain clearer insights regarding current customer demands that can be used to streamline operations. Meanwhile, your customers can see how personable you are as they will remember your company brand when shopping for products and services.

Increasing Reach with Paid Options

Paid ads on Facebook can provide you with an extra push to your marketing efforts, especially during sales events. You can customize your ads and run them as either per click or per impression. In addition, you have a wide range of ad types to select from on the platform. You can get people to click a link to go to your website or even RSVP for a Facebook event. While viewers have the option to hide ads that they don’t want to see, you can even use this information to further modify your ads to increase engagement.

Marketing your business on Facebook allows you to reach more customers who are interested in your products and services. You can further brand your company and interact with viewers to entice them down your sales funnel. Use the following advice to help with your marketing efforts so you can extend your brand reach.

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