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1. 7 Apps To Make Friends

7 Apps to Make Friends and Grow Your Social Presence
Whether you want to find a new pal or reconnect with an old friend, these seven apps to make friends will put new relationships within closer reach. Which app will be best suited to your needs? Let’s check what each one can offer your social life here! Click to read more

2. How To Recover Deleted Text Messages | Android Edition

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages | Android Edition
Are you an Android user who has lost data on your device? No fear, we are here to show you how to recover deleted text messages. Android SMS recovery isn’t always the easiest process, so we’ve compiled the 3 different ways to recover deleted text messages on android OS… Click to read more

3. How To Unblock Someone On Facebook

How To Unblock Someone On Facebook
Learn how to unblock someone on Facebook with these simple steps. Blocking a friend or an ex who’s been bothering you on Facebook isn’t permanent. You may have wanted to keep them away from your social media account for some time, but if you change your mind, you can still undo the action… Click to read more

4. Texting Apps to Keep You Connected

Texting Apps to Keep You Connected
You may have noticed an increase in the use of texting apps over the last few years. Whether you’re trying to avoid getting hit with a data bill from your service provider while on vacation or want to connect with your friends overseas, texting apps are an great addition to your applications arsenal. Read more and find out which texting apps are appropriate for you, your peers, and your family… Click to read more

5. Baby Monitors And More | Top Gadgets For New Parents

Best Baby Monitors and Tech Gadgets For New Parents
From baby monitors to tablets, here are the 9 best gadgets for parents to invest in. They can give you peace of mind and make your journey as a new parent both easier and more serene… Click to read more

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