Making the switch from a PC to a Mac [TECH TALK]

Tech TalkMac owners love spreading the gospel of how all PC owners should switch to a Mac. This may be the right move for some but for others the learning curve may be too steep. Listen as Mr. Noobie®, owner of and Sean Aune, Editor-in-Chief at TechnoBuffalo, talk about what PC owners need to consider when thinking about making the switch from a PC to a Mac.

Be sure not to miss the weekly roundup of interesting and fun technology news as well as Mr. Noobie’s® app of the week. This week Mr. Noobie® shares with you an easy and fun way to keep track of how far you walk or run when exercising.

In our featured product segment, Mr. Noobie® talks about an innovative new way to charge your gadgets and electronic devices.

Google Suite Cheat Sheet

If you can not see the embedded audio above please use the following link: Making the switch from a PC to a Mac

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  1. elaine hartley

    Hello, I am ever so impressed with your information and how you deliver it! I am a baby boomer self taught pc user considering a mac. First of all I am impressed how you are able to communicate technical info’ that I can understand, process and apply! WOW! You never assume your listener knows what proceeds the fact. You are a true teacher. Thank you!

    • Patric Welch

      Thank you! Always great to receive positive feedback :)

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