Make Money Buying or Selling Your Gift Cards [ARTICLE]

Gift Card GrannyGift Card Granny is a simple solution to turn your gift card into cash, or purchase cards from scores of national retailers, at greatly reduced prices. Using the Gift Card Granny website, you can instantly find out exactly how much online companies are willing to pay to exchange your card for cash.

Every day, tens of thousands of people across the country receive retail cards as gifts and rewards from family, friends, businesses or their job. Receiving a card to spend at many retailers across United States makes a wonderful gift. However, many of these gift recipients simply do not want the card, or have no need for it.

Selling Your Card

Gift Card Granny Sell Gift Cards

The website is your online source to find out the ongoing prices of selling or purchasing popular cards. If you have ever received a gift card for your birthday, Christmas or other event, and find you simply do not want or need it, you can sell it online immediately. The website provides detailed information on cards, at their best prices, currently being sold and purchased at popular gift card exchange websites, including ABC Gift Cards, Plastic Jungle, and Cardpool.

With the huge ongoing demand for gift cards, there is always someone in the world willing to pay for yours at a discounted price. Many individuals use their card to purchase electronic, food, gas, sporting goods, clothing, perfume, hotel rooms, car rentals, airline tickets, jewelry, entertainment tickets, haircuts, oil changes and more.

Purchasing a Card

Gift Card Granny Buy Discount Gift Cards

If you know you are going to buy a big-ticket item (High Definition TV, computer), new clothes for school, or an evening out at dinner, you might consider purchasing a discounted card for your purchase. Gift Card Granny is the perfect instant source to locate discounted gift cards to electronic outlets and big-box stores. By purchasing a card, or group of cards for your total amount, you can easily save up to 40% on the total price of your item or items, over and above any store discount. These dramatic savings put cash back in your pocket with every purchase.

Check Your Balance

Gift Card Granny provides a portal to check the balance of your cards immediately. Any value left on your card can be sold for cash, or you can buy additional gift cards to save money on future purchases. Gift Card Granny also offers an alert service to let you know any time someone has added a new gift card to your favorite store.