What is MailChimp For WordPress & How To Use It

What is MailChimp For WordPress & How To Use ItUsing MailChimp for WordPress will help level up your digital marketing strategy. A fully functioning website is one of the biggest draws in digital customer generation and retention. Nothing is more attractive than to have a reliable page that is both responsive and practical. Luckily, MailChimp has been leading the way to integrate forms into web spaces with impressive results. Be among the happy campers and try out this smart and user-friendly WordPress plugin!

MailChimp for WordPress: What, Why, When and How


MailChimp, WordPress’ EMS Champion

MailChimp, WordPress' EMS Champion | What is Mailchimp For WordPress & How To Use It

It is reported that by 2019, over one-third of the world population would be using email.  With this in mind, it’s incredibly important that digital marketers pursue email marketing actively. MailChimp is a direct solution to that need. This Email Marketing Software (EMS) allows businesses to send and manage emails, invitations, catalogs, newsletters and much more without knowing how to code.

How Is It Good for Your Business?

MailChimp covers a vast array of services for small start-ups to Fortune 500. They offer a Forever Free plan for entrepreneurs, which is a fantastic option for businesses that have up to 2,000 contacts and sends up to 12,000 emails monthly. Moreover, MailChimp has hundreds of design templates, making email sends even easier! Finally, the software allows you to create responsive campaigns that can integrate with social media. This feature is truly a dream come true for digital marketers!

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting MailChimp for WordPress

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting MailChimp for WordPress | What is Mailchimp For WordPress & How To Use It

Use MailChimp on your WordPress page today! Follow these easy steps below:

  • Visit https://mailchimp.com and create an account for free
  • Upon reaching your Dashboard, get started by clicking “Create A List”
  • Once you have created a list, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Select “Sign up forms,” then click on “Embedded forms.”
  • Choose your preferred “List Style” from Classic, Super Slim, Horizontal, Naked and Advanced
  • Edit your forms as you want them to appear on your page

Tip: you can choose to amp your security by putting a RECAPTCHA on your form, too!

  • Once complete, copy the code details found in the “Copy/Paste” onto “Your Site” field
  • Go to your WordPress page’s “Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets.”
  • Select “Text,” then drag it to either the “Sidebar” or “Footer field.”
  • Paste the code into the “Content box.”
  • Save the changes and visit your page on a separate tab to see the new form in action!

If you want to add MailChimp pop-up to WordPress, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to MailChimp Dashboard and select “Subscriber pop-up.”
  • Select your preferences in Design, Fields, Content, and Settings (this is your pop-up delays and max pop-up width) in your right pane
  • Once done, click “Save” and Exit. Copy the code details found in the Copy/Paste onto “Your Site pop-up.”
  • Go to your WordPress page’s Dashboard>Editor>Theme Footer or footer.php (or anywhere else you want it to appear, such as header.php)
  • Paste the code before the body text prompt </body>
  • Click “Update File” then visit your page on a separate tab to see your brand new pop-up!


Things to Remember

Things to Remember | What is Mailchimp For WordPress & How To Use It

While it’s pretty easy to create a WordPress popup plugin using the MailChimp feature, think it over before you implement. Here’s how to create a winning pop-up!

MailChimp can automatically send emails from your WordPress page, too! Watch WPTuts breakdown the details for us in this YouTube video.

Want to Unplug for a Bit?

There are so many ways to improve your WordPress page, and MailChimp is absolutely one of the 27 essential plugins we recommend. A few hours spent learning the ropes can do wonders for your digital marketing.

Which MailChimp feature are you most looking forward to integrating with WordPress? Tell us all about it!

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