Look Who Got Caught Having An All Pro Dad!

At the March All Pro Dad breakfast, Austin Peters won a drawing for a new Nintendo DS Lite package. Austin enjoyes helping out at the breakfasts, which he attends with his step-dad, Ronnie Williams. Ronnie enjoys going to the events with his daughter, Isabella and Austin because they give him a chance to discuss things that they might not formally discuss at home, such as those topics that address “time with dad” or “your relationship with your dad”. It’s always nice to have the kids tell you things like that. Austin and Isabella are very excited about the breakfasts and enjoy doing school-related activities with their dad.

Ronnie is proud of Austin’s achievements in and out of school because he tackles everything he does with a hunger to be one of the best, while still maintaining his “best friend” personality. Ronnie is also proud of Isabella for how quickly she learns things and how she can mimic almost anyone or anything, and notes his favorite quality of Isabella is her charm. Congratulations to Austin and Isabella on having an All Pro Dad.

Thanks to Patric Welch of Noobie, Inc. for donating the DS package that was given away at the March event.

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