Little Noobies: eBay [VIDEO]

Today I am introducing a new segment to my blog that I have been wanting to do for a long time. It’s called Little Noobies. The segment will feature videos of kids talking about technology.

Some will be funny. Some will be serious. Some you might even learn something from. But the whole point is to just sit back and enjoy technology from a child’s point of view.

Of course, I would be in big trouble if I didn’t kick off the series with one of my own kids. Lucky for me, my 8-year-old son just found a great deal on eBay on a game he wanted. I jumped on this opportunity and asked my son a series of quick questions regarding his eBay experience.

The result is this video. Hope you enjoy it.

If you can not see the embedded video player above, please use the following link: Little Noobies: eBay