Lightroom vs Photoshop | Which is Better for Beginners?

Lightroom vs Photoshop | Which is Better for Beginners? | lightroom vs photoshop for photo editingLightroom vs Photoshop – which software should you use to edit your pictures? Both photo-editing tools are important for both experienced photographers and new enthusiasts. While Photoshop is the more popular Adobe app, photographers turn to Lightroom for bulk editing. Learn more about the similarities and differences between the two editing tools before deciding which one to download and subscribe to.

Lightroom vs Photoshop | A Guide for Newbies | Lightroom vs Photoshop | Which is Better for Beginners? | lightroom vs photoshop for photo editing

Lightroom vs Photoshop | A Guide for Newbies


What is Lightroom?

What is Lightroom? | Lightroom vs Photoshop | Which is Better for Beginners?

Adobe considers Lightroom as the “home base” for photography on computers and mobile device. You can upload and edit photos by batch with this tool. Photographers who love clicking away in various angles and lighting find it easier to edit all their photos in one go rather than delve into each picture individually.

What is Photoshop?

What is Photoshop | Lightroom vs Photoshop | Which is Better for Beginners? | lightroom vs photoshop for photo editing

Photoshop is the more well-known software from Adobe, seeing as even non-photographers use it for editing. It was originally created for simple editing but has since become an essential tool for editors. While graphic artists swear by the app, photographers mostly use it only when they need to edit specific photos.



Both Lightroom and Photoshop do quite well in photo editing. Most photographers admittedly use both apps to make their raw pictures look even better. Both apps can manipulate colors, change lighting and crop photos.

The Adobe applications can work on JPEG, PNG, TIFF as well as RAW files. They also use the same editing tools to manipulate saturation, exposure, and other editing functions. So if you’re familiar with Photoshop, starting on Lightroom won’t be such a challenge and vice versa.

If you’re simply looking for a tool to tweak and enhance the picture you take, then both software would work quite well.


While both apps basically have the same jobs, they differ in how it gets done. However, to determine the difference between Lightroom vs Photoshop, you need to know the workflow for each app.

Lightroom isn’t just an editing software. It’s also perfect for photo management. You can import your photos, edit them by batch, store them in the database and easily find them for future use. While you can only upload and edit photos one at a time on Photoshop.

On the other hand, Photoshop allows you to dive right into each pixel of the photo you are editing. This gives you a better grasp at manipulating pictures better. You can say that Photoshop gives you more creative license per photo compared to Lightroom.

Meanwhile, editing on Lightroom is “non-destructive.” This means you can experiment with your photos as much as you want but if needed, you can still revert back to the original photo without having to worry about overwriting on original files. With Photoshop, you have to get used to clicking “save as” to keep the raw photo for future use.


You can download Photoshop Lightroom CC / Lightroom 6  and Photoshop CC6 on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Photoshop needs at least 1GB of RAM. It also needs 1GB of storage space for Windows and 2GB for Mac but it can’t be installed on a removable storage device. You also need at least 1024 x 768 display resolution when you install the software.

Meanwhile, Lightroom can be installed on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (64-bit) and on Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra versions for Mac. It needs at least 2GB RAM with a display resolution requirement of 1024 x 768. It also needs 2GB of available disk space as well as at least 1GB of Video RAM.

Compatibility | Features | Lightroom vs Photoshop | Which is Better for Beginners?


You can download both software for a free trial but getting a plan will give you access to more creative tools, presets and other perks for a monthly payment of $9.99. Getting the monthly plan is highly recommended for individuals seriously considering diving into photography and editing.

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User’s Preference

Various tech blogs love both products. But when it comes down to it, Lightroom takes the cake between the two editing software.

PC Mag calls Lightroom “the gold standard in pro photo workflow software.” Meanwhile, Creativelive Blog thinks Lightroom wins when it comes to ease in the workflow. Photographers of weddings, portraits, and events would prefer Lightroom over Photoshop just because they can edit a bunch of photos in just a few minutes.


So, Lightroom vs Photoshop? Which one is the better choice? Lightroom looks more appealing to those who need to edit several photos at once. On the other hand, should you need to spend a bit more time on a particular photo, Photoshop is the perfect tool to use. With the lowered monthly cost, you can now afford to get both.

Still unfamiliar with Adobe Lightroom? Check out this tutorial for beginners.

Do you think you’ll work well with Lightroom or Photoshop? These Adobe software have their own merits but figuring out which one to use all boils down to the kind of work you need to do. One thing’s for sure, however, mastering both will need time and practice which you can do on a trial version.

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