Shoot video like a cinematic pro with the LG V30

LG V30 Review

Every smartphone seems to have its “thing” these days – that one feature that makes it stand apart from the others. With the LG V30, that “thing” is video.

Cine Video

The LG V30 includes the ability to add 15 different cine effect presets while shooting your video (in Cine Video mode). Want your video to look like a romantic comedy? There’s a preset for that. Want it to look like a summer blockbuster? There’s a preset for that too.

LG V30 Cine Effect

The full list of presets includes: Pop art, Flashback, Thriller, Classic, Noir, Mystery, Melodrama, Historical, Drama, Scenery, Documentary, Romantic Comedy, Summer Blockbuster, Beauty and Romantic.

My favorite of the presets that I used while playing around with the LG V30 was Thriller, which gives the video a dark and bluish eery feel. With a little more time, I feel like I could have shot my very own horror movie!

Point Zoom

Another cool video feature on the LG V30 is point zoom. To zoom in on a subject in a video on most smartphones, you have to use the pinch motion with your fingers, which centers the object you are zooming in on. With the LG V30, the pinch motion is gone. It is replaced by a simple touch of the screen where you want to zoom in. Then a slider appears on the screen allowing you control the level of zoom, in or out.

But even cooler is that while the video is zooming, the camera seems to follow the zoom point, without always bringing the zoom point to the center of the screen. The final effect once again makes you feel like your own movie producer.

Take a look at Mr. Mobile’s video review of the LG V30:

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Manual settings

If you really want to get crazy with your LG V30 photos and videos, you can pop the camera into manual mode (there are separate manual modes for photo and video). In the manual mode for photo, you can adjust individual photo settings like focus, ISO, shutter speed and more. You can also use Graphy images which are sample images you can click on to have the camera automatically adjust the settings to the same settings used in the Graphy image.

In the manual mode for video, you can adjust similar settings to the photo settings but there is an added setting for sound that lets you adjust each of the three high performance mics on the LG V30 separately.

Other features

In addition to video presets, the LG V30 comes with sound presets that make listening with wired headphones and speakers louder, cleaner and more accurate.

LG V30 Hi-Fi Video Recording

And as you would expect with any newer Android smartphone these days, the LG V30 has the new Google Assistant built right in and charging can be handled wired or wirelessly.

Finally, the LG V30 is IP68 rated for water resistance up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes and has been put through 14 different military-standard durability tests.


If taking pictures and shooting video is your smartphone “thing” and you don’t want to haul your DSLR camera around with you everywhere, the LG V30 is a great choice. If not, then be happy that the LG V30 is still a darn good Android smartphone with some cool bonus features you might want to use on a rainy day.

Here are 20+ tips and tricks for the LG V30:

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Note: The LG V30 in this review was provided to me by Verizon Wireless and can be purchased at your local Verizon Wireless store or at

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