Should We Let Our Kids Have Unlimited Screen Time?

Teenagers screen time

I struggle every single day with how much screen time my kids should have. By screen time, I mean the amount of time they spend in front of any kind of electronic or gadget with a screen like a computer, smartphone, tablet, iPod touch, or any kind of video game console.

So-called “experts” will say it should be no more than one hour per day. Personally, I don’t think these experts have children.

In my house, my kids probably average 2-3 hours per day during the week and even more on the weekends. Hey, at least I’m honest. Yet they both play soccer, play musical instruments (they can even learn online easily), play outside with their friends, and are excellent students – which makes it that much more difficult to complain.

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But They’re So Anti-social

Yet people older than them (and usually older than me) constantly roll their eyes and poke fun of how their generation has lost all social skills and how they don’t know how to do anything else besides burying their nose in a gadget.

But is this true? Well as a parent, I definitely think it’s false. Which leads me to a stand-out article I recently read by Gary Vaynerchuk titled Our Kids Aren’t Using Too Much Tech. They’re Not Using Enough.

In this article, Gary suggests that we should let our kids have unlimited screen time because these are the devices of the future. He maintains that any kid not using the devices will be lost in the new world.

Playing Outside Doesn’t Go Away

He also calls B.S. on kids not having social skills or wanting to play outside. He says that when they want to go play outside, they do. And that’s exactly what my kids do. They will sit in front of a computer playing Minecraft for 3 hours and suddenly stand up and tell me they are going to go outside and play with the neighbor kids.

So where do you stand? Is screen time destroying our next generation or is it turning them into the next great leaders? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Wondering how much screen time is too much for you or your family? In the video below, Above The Noise attempts to answer the question, how much is too much screen time?

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