Best Kid Tracker Apps | Track Your Kids While Trick Or Treating

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Keep an eye out on your kids while letting them enjoy their independence on Halloween with these kid tracker apps!

Kid Tracker Apps to Keep Track of Your Trick or Treaters


1. Kidgy (iOS and Android)

This GPS tracker app works by accessing the GPS data on your child’s phone so you can monitor their exact location real-time. Its features include:

  • Parents can set “safe” areas and virtual barriers — in the event that your kid leaves this safe zone, you will be notified instantly
  • Panic button for the child — when pressed, it’ll send you a unique notification and an exact location so you can act immediately

How can you utilize these features to keep track of your kids on Halloween? Aside from providing you with constant updates on your child’s location, you can also set up virtual barriers to make sure your kid isn’t crossing over to unsafe areas and sticking to the trick-or-treat route. You can set landmarks along the route as safe areas so you can keep track of where your kid is.

You can also teach your child to press the panic button in case they get lost so you can get their exact location. This way, you can give them directions or come to get them immediately when necessary.

2. Family Tracker (iOS and Android)

Family Tracker | Best Kid Tracker Apps | Track Your Kids While Trick Or Treating

Family Tracker Photo by Google Play

One of the most energy-efficient tracking apps on this list is Family Tracker. It’s extremely energy efficient because it doesn’t run in the background and just activates when there is an update to the location. You won’t have to worry about your kid’s phone running out of battery in the middle of trick or treating.

Like Kidgy, Family Tracker also has a geofencing feature that notifies parents when their child has moved out of the “safe zone” they designated. You also don’t have to worry if you and your kid are using different operating systems since Family Tracker is a cross-platform app — iOS users can keep track of Android users and vice versa. If you’re also planning to go on holiday abroad, you can still use the app since it can be used worldwide.

3. Find My Kids (iOS and Android)

If you don’t want your kid to have a phone or tablet just yet, you can get the companion GPS watch for this kid tracker app. It also lets you listen in on the kind of environment your kid is in. One version of the watch even features a camera so you can literally keep an eye out while they’re trick or treating. You can even communicate on-the-go by either calling or sending messages.

Another unique feature of the app is it lets you add several kids to the app. This is a pretty sweet feature if you’ve got more than one kid!

4. Life360 (iOS and Android)

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This app originally was recommended to me to help keep track of my teenagers. Then as I was leaving Florida, I was so worried about how to stay connected with dad and if something happened, that I downloaded it on his phone. I cannot tell you what peace of mind this is giving me. No I’m not stalking my dad. He knew I did it, and he can see us too! But in the morning I can see that he’s up and out of the house and doing his thing. At night I check and see that he’s back home and all is good. I highly recommend that you talk to your family and see if this makes sense for you. Not a paid endorsement, just a loved app! #life360app #life360 #stayingconnected #familyapproved #familyapp #parentingmemes #stayingsafe #agingparents #parentsofteens #independence #getoutanddrive #checkin

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If you wanted to know if Life360 is a good GPS tracker app, all you have to do is check the testimonials of customers they’ve helped through the years. If you’re unfamiliar with the area your kid will go trick or treating in and want to know more about how safe it is, you could subscribe to this app’s Premium version to avail of its unique crime alerts feature.

With this feature, certain places (“crime hotspots”) that have a high crime rate will be marked with dots on your map. When you click the dot, you’ll find information about what kind of crime took place there and what the resolution was.

5. Spyzie (iOS and Android)

Spyzie | Best Kid Tracker Apps | Track Your Kids While Trick Or Treating

Spyzie Tracker Photo by Spyzie

Kid finder apps usually use GPS data to keep track of the target user’s location, but Spyzie has the additional benefit of using something else — Wi-Fi hotspots. Similar to Find My Kids, this app also offers a companion kid tracker watch that allows parents to communicate with their kids without the need for a smartphone or tablet.

Spyzie also configured their watch so kids can contact their parents in emergency situations with the touch of a button. You can save two mobile numbers on the watch, and all the kids have to do is to press certain buttons to make a call to either one of those numbers. A 3-second press on the “SOS” button will dial the first reserved number while a 3-second press on the “2” button will dial the second number.

6. Kid Control  (iOS and Android)

Kidcontrol | Best Kid Tracker Apps | Track Your Kids While Trick Or Treating

Kid Control Photo by Google Play

Kid Control offers a pretty nifty feature that will come in handy if you have forgetful kids — low battery and Internet connection notifications. Prior to going trick or treating, you can check and send reminders about phone charging to your kid. The app will show the charging and usage status of the phone and its battery life over the last two days.

The app also monitors the Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity of your child’s phone. If the app drops connection with Kid Control servers, you can monitor the app’s report on it.

7. MamaBear (iOS and Android)

If your teenager will take your younger kids trick or treating, MamaBear will definitely keep in handy, especially if your older kid drives. You can set a speed limit on the app and then be notified if your teenager drives faster than the maximum speed. You can also set certain places as restricted areas. The app will let you know if your kid goes to these prohibited places.

Your kids will also like this app because they won’t need to compose messages every time they have to update you. They can simply “check in” and the app will let you know where they are at the moment.

8.  SecuraFone (iOS and Android)

Another handy app to have if you want to keep an eye out on older kids is SecuraFone. Similar to MamaBear, it also provides alerts if your child has gone over the speed limit, whether they are driving or riding another vehicle. It also has an Android-only feature that allows you to disable texting or emailing while driving to avoid any distracted driving incidents.

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9. Trax

When it comes to your kid, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you go trick or treating with your kid, there’s still that possibility they run off or get lost in the crowd. This is where this kid tracker app will come in handy.

If you’ve got younger kids who can’t be trusted with their gadget yet, you can simply put the Trax device in their backpack and use its companion app to check up on them. A unique feature of the app is its use of Augmented Reality (AR). Allow the app to access the camera and you’ll get live directions to point you in the right direction according to your tracker. You can also set “Proximity Alerts” which allows you to set a radius around you. If your kid leaves that radius, you’ll be notified immediately.

Check out this news report from LOCAL 12 about a family who tested kid tracker apps, and find out which app on our list got the highest rating from them: 

Kid finder apps will definitely be useful whether you’re planning to accompany your kids or letting them go trick or treating on their own on Halloween. It gives you the security of knowing that you can locate your kid any time and will also give your kid peace of mind because they know someone’s watching over them. We hope this list of the best kid tracker apps has helped you find the perfect one to help you keep an eye out for your trick or treaters.

Which app on our list offers the best features for you and your kids? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section! 

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Best Kid Tracker Apps | Track Your Kids While Trick Or Treating
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