4 Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

Feature | Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

A laptop that is constantly overheating can lead to problems that may be irreparable, so it’s important to know how to keep your laptop cool. Overheating will not only harm your device but it can be a potential hazard to you as well since it can cause minor burns. Here, we’ll teach you some tricks on how to keep your laptop from overheating.

Avoiding Overheat | How to Keep Your Laptop Cool


Maintain Good Airflow

Maintain Good Airflow | Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

Maintaining a good airflow for your laptop will keep it from overheating. Make sure its vents are clean and isn’t collecting dust bunnies. You can clean the vents yourself by using a can of compressed air. If the overheating problem isn’t solved by this, it’s advisable you take it to a repair shop so they can open it up and clean it. Refrain from leaving your laptop on the floor as it’s definitely going to gather dust there. If you have to put a sticker on it, make sure it isn’t blocking any of the vents either.

Another way to ensure normal airflow is by placing your laptop on a hard flat surface when you’re using it. So while the name does imply it’s supposed to be used on your lap, it really isn’t the best choice. If you must use it on your bed, don’t let it settle on the bed itself or on your pillows. Instead, buy a laptop stand that you can use in bed, or make one!

Adjust Your Settings and Reduce Machine Work Load

Adjust Your Settings and Reduce Machine Work Load | Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

Before you buy a laptop, make sure the specs fit your purpose. If you buy a laptop with lower specs than what you actually need, you’ll risk overheating and eventually wearing it out. If you’re a heavy gamer or love binging in on series or movies using your laptop, make sure you have a video card or your laptop is more than capable of handling the graphics.

You can also do simple things to let your laptop cool off such as lowering your screen’s brightness. Be sure to also unplug USB-powered devices when you’re not using them. Also, close any apps or programs you’re not using at the moment. This will keep your machine from overheating and slowing down.

Control the Temperature

Control the Temperature | Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

Just like with your body, your laptop needs a temperature check too. You can monitor its temperature by using programs like SpeedFan. Refrain from using your laptop on hot surfaces or directly under the sun. Not only will the glare annoy you, it’s also going to put your computer at risk.

Use your laptop in a room with the ideal room temperature or somewhere cool. If it’s hotter than usual, keep your device cool by working near an electric fan. If you love working by the beach or just can’t be assured that you’ll always be working in a room with ideal temperature, it’s a good idea to invest in a laptop cooling mat.

Give It a Rest

Give it a Rest | Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

Your laptop is an investment, so treat it with care and don’t abuse it. Don’t keep turning it off and on every now and then. If you just want to do a quick check in your email, do it on your mobile. If you can’t do it on your phone, don’t immediately shut down your laptop after your quick email scan, especially if you’re going to use it again later.

If you have a desktop at home, try to alternate it with your laptop. This way, both computers will be useful and also get their rest. Laptops aren’t exactly as sturdy as desktops so be sure to handle it with care. Your machines need to rest just as you do.

Your laptop can crash due to high temperature. Cool it down with these simple steps:

infographic | Keep your laptop cool with the Tree New Bee Laptop Stand

Want to Unplug for a Bit?

Watch this video for the tips on how to keep your laptop cool:

Your laptop can only handle so much so it should be treated with care. One of the things you can do to make sure it lasts a long time is to prevent it from overheating. We hope these simple steps on how to keep your laptop cool can help you ensure it’s running well and doesn’t pose a hazard to your health even without the need for expensive laptop cooling software.
How do you keep your laptop from overheating? Let us know in the comments section!

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4 Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool
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