What to Do to Keep Yourself Busy During the COVID-19 Quarantine

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As the COVID-19 proves to be uncertain, the best way to prevent the spread is to self-quarantine and practice social distancing. This is the one and only way that doctors from all over the world know how to slow down the spread of this unpredictable illness.

With that being said, people all over the world are being forced to work at home and spend their entire day in the privacy of their house. Though this may be easy for some, for others it’s a nightmare.

During this quarantine, people are asked to only leave their homes to go to the grocery store or to go pick up medicine. Additionally, in many states, there is a curfew. Most people are abiding by these quarantine guidelines, and for that, they should be commended.

However, it isn’t easy. People are already getting cabin fever and the outcome/duration of this quarantine is uncertain. People are left wondering how to spend their day aside from their work as they can not leave their homes.

Ideas to Keep Busy While Self Quarantining

Though this circumstance is unfortunate and uncomfortable, it is necessary; hopefully, self-quarantine and social distancing will save lives. As all of America (and most of the world) is asked to stay home, they are already growing bored and itching to do something. This post gives some ideas as to how adults can keep busy during this trying and uncertain time.

Tips for Adults

Besides completing daily career obligations from home, it can be harder to occupy an adult rather than a child or teenager that is forced to stay at home. Here are some ideas and tips to keep yourself busy:

Clean, Clean, Clean

Although this isn’t the most thrilling of ways to keep yourself busy, during this global pandemic it is definitely necessary. As you spend time at home, deep clean your space. Make sure to clean all door handles and any items that may have been outside and could have been in contact with germs.

Clean places that you don’t typically get to, such as behind the oven or under the fridge. This is also an opportunity for you to spend the time to give your home a quality cleaning, something you may not have had time to do before.

Not a big fan of cleaning? Check out these 10 top-rated cleaning accessories to make your life easier.

Start a Blog

If you are looking for something that is intellectually stimulating to do while you are at home, consider starting a blog, perhaps even writing about the COVID-19 virus. Blogs are great ways to occupy your mind and be productive while sitting in place. There is also no limit as to what you can write about.

Don’t know where to start a blog? Here are some articles to help get you started:


This is another great way to keep your kind engaged while sitting at home. Whether you end up getting paid or not, this is an outstanding way to keep busy while also getting your thoughts into the world. You can consider freelancing for a website, local paper, or another blog.

To find freelance work, you can simply search for freelance opportunities on Google or on craigslist. Or, check out this list of money-making side hustles to see which one is best for you.

Start a Book Club with Friends or Family

As companies are still allowed to deliver products, consider starting a book club with friends or family. Suggest ordering the same book online and then video chatting once a day to discuss it. Or, you could do this with someone that lives in your house as well.

Need a book recommendation? Check out this list of the best business leadership books of 2019.

Book clubs could also be especially great for seniors who depend on in-home senior care; caregivers and seniors can read the same book and then conversate about it every day.

In order to talk about these books with friends and loved ones, consider using Zoom or Skype to video chat with friends. These platforms are free and great ways to communicate other than FaceTime.

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Try Online Training

Many people are getting nervous that they are going to put on weight during this quarantine because not only are gyms closed, they aren’t running their daily errands or even walking around the office.

A great way to combat putting on weight while being forced to stay home is to try online training and workouts. These training programs are either free or at the very least inexpensive; they will keep you busy and fit.

Consider trying some of these online training websites and apps while self-isolating:

Learn How to Cook or Make Dishes You Have Never Made Before

In order to avoid eating frozen and processed/junk food, learn how to cook during this prolonged period of time at home. When you make your trip to the grocery store, buy fresh ingredients and look up different meals you want to make for the week. This is fun and teaches you something.

Tech Made Easy

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Or, if you already know-how and enjoy cooking, look into dishes that you haven’t ever made before. Think about something that you have been wanting to make but haven’t had the time to experiment with. There are millions of recipes online, you may even find your new favorite dish to make.

Visit these websites to get started:

Rearrange Your Rooms

This is often something people put off because it takes a lot of time. Rearranging your rooms will not only keep you busy, but it will also make your space feel new; making it more enjoyable to spend time in as you practice social distancing. As you think of ways to rearrange your room, look up rooms online for inspiration, this will get excited and in the mood to create a new look.

Check Pinterest for some room rearranging ideas!

Go Through Your Closet

This is another task that many people put off because it’s time-consuming; and like rearranging rooms, it will make you feel better and will make you feel like you have a new wardrobe once you go through things you don’t need anymore.

Keeping Busy as Your Practice Social Distancing

Though the COVID-19 virus is unpredictable, alarming, and social distancing is not ideal, it is necessary and will hopefully have a positive impact on humans. With that being said, the best way to deal with social distancing is to make the most out of it. Use these ideas to make the most out of your self-quarantine, you will keep busy and will be productive.

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