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1. Frequently Asked Questions For Creating A Google Account

Are you thinking of creating a Google account for yourself or your business? You may be confused whether having a Google account is the same as having an email account with Gmail? Maybe you’re hesitant to set up an account in Google because of the many questions you have in mind. Don’t fret! Below is a list of answers to questions frequently asked by people who want to create a Google account. You just might find the answers to your queries, so check this out! Click to read more

2. Evernote Vs OneNote | Software Review

Evernote vs OneNote – the battle for the better note-taking app is on. To help determine which app is the best fit for you, let’s compare these apps in different areas… Click to read more

3. Download These 7 Rideshare Apps Today

Rideshare apps may just be this generation’s best tech achievement in terms of transportation. The convenience of getting a ride straight from your smartphone is undeniable. Compared to waiting out in the cold for a cab, this is a much more preferable alternative. Here are seven of the best rideshare apps you can download on your phone today! Click to read more

4. How To Make A Facebook Business Page

Learning how to make a Facebook business page is no easy feat. Not only does the platform have a high active-user rate, but it also can increase revenue. Reports have shown that social media influences the shopping habits of more than 75 percent of young shoppers with Facebook taking the lead. Follow these simple steps to set up a business page on Facebook with ease… Click to read more


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Don’t Miss These Posts On Noobie…
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