Indoor Gardening: 10 Must-Have High-Tech Tools

indoor gardening

Being self-sufficient is becoming a must nowadays. No work means no money. No money means you can’t buy food. If you live in the city or you don’t have enough space for an outside garden, you might want to start an indoor garden to help sustain your needs. In fact, indoor gardens become more and more popular and they can boost the return on investment (ROI) of your house said Richard Pattisall from the Pattisall Group real estate agency.

If you’re new or don’t have that much experience in gardening, you don’t have to worry because this list of high-tech gardening tools will help you increase your chance of growing your plants successfully.

10 Useful Tools To Help Make Creating Your Indoor Garden Easy and Successful

1. CONTINENTAL AWS-10 Automatic Watering System

Giving your plants the right amount of water at the right time is an essential part of its survival. This automatic watering system will water your plants twice a day or even more depending on the timer settings. The smart controller runs on 4 AA sized batteries. Just connect it to a large water bottle or a bucket that will serve as a reservoir.


  • Low maintenance on watering
  • Convenient water system
  • No drips on your floors when transporting water in a watering can


  • Unsightly tubes across your garden
  • The tendency to overwater or flood your floors if not calculated properly

Plant Watering Globes

Aqua Globes

These glass plant watering globes will supply water for your indoor gardening plants for up to 2 weeks through capillary action. You don’t need batteries or power for these globes. It eliminates those ghastly tubes that run across your garden.


  • No hassle watering of plants
  • Easy to use. Just refill and stick it in your plant


  • Made out of glass which makes it breakable
  • Large plants may need more than one globe

3. Self Watering Wall Hanging Planter Pot

The indoor gardening pot has a strong adhesive (supports up to 20lbs) that can stick on almost any surface and stays there. It has a bottom chamber that houses the water with the plant on top separated by a divider or a wicking system. These self-watering pots have stylish designs that can help make your place look elegant at the same time.


  • A great space saver
  • Save water
  • Plants get the water they need, which will result in healthy root growth
  • Higher Yield


  • Costs more than regular pots
  • Not meant for large plants

There are also self-watering hanging baskets and window boxes to maximize space in your home should you want to plant more.

4. Grow Light

The light coming in through the windows may not be enough for plants to grow to its fullest. Grow LED lights are a great way to replace the need for sunlight for healthier plants. You can automatically set the timer from 3 to 12 hours depending on the need for the plants you’re growing.


  • Easy to install. No need to drill holes and has flexible goosenecks for easy adjustment and precise lighting
  • Dimmable & switch modes boost plant growth and enhance the taste of vegetables
  • Red/Blue LED light combo promotes chlorophyll synthesis and germination
  • Faster harvest cycle and increased life span


  • Blue light may be harmful to the eyes
  • Light quality fades as it ages

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5. Soil Test Kit

This soil test kit will help you test the nutrients as well as the pH levels your soil needs for maximum growth and harvest. A small but very essential tool.


  • Faster accurate reading than the traditional way of testing soil
  • No more guessing what your plant needs
  • Portable and it’s all you need

6. PlantLink Wireless Plant Sensor

PlantLink determines the amount of water in the soil and sends that data to a website for a more accurate watering schedule. It transmits the information and alerts you on your laptop or your smartphone to let you know when you should water your plants. It also has a smart valve so it can water your plants for you.


  • No more guessing as you get notified via push notifications, email or text
  • A complete and accurate guide on when to water your plants


  • 1 unit per kind of plant
  • Smart valve for outdoor use only since you connect it to a hose or spigot

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7. AeroGarden Bounty Basic Indoor Hydroponic Garden

This hydroponic garden can grow up to 9 plants that can reach a height of up to 24”. You will have a bountiful harvest all year round. This gadget can be placed on the countertop or at a corner of your home. Perfect for indoor gardening!


  • It doesn’t need soil to grow your plant
  • It is equipped with LED grow lights which are a good substitute for sunlight
  • No need to bring your plants outside anymore
  • It has a WiFi feature so you can control and monitor your plants with the AeroGArden App on your smartphone using Alexa or Echo device
  • No soil means no soil-based diseases and no mess
  • 40 features to help you grow your plants


  • The initial investment is rather high
  • Water-based microorganisms can be a problem
  • Power outages can be a problem for your plants

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8. Back to the Roots Water Garden

This water garden mini-ecosystem combines hydroponics and a hobby. The plants clean the water while the fish fertilizes the plant through its waste. You get to grow your microgreens and enjoy watching your fish do what a fish does.


  • Grow food faster
  • Less cleaning of fish tank
  • Great ornament while charging

9. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

Tower farms are a great way to grow your food if you have very little space to work with. You can maximize your space by placing them in the corners of your indoor gardening home. It has a self-watering system, and you can grow up to 20 plants in one system.


  • 16-gallon reservoir that can water your plants up to 2 to 3 weeks
  • Can be used up to 5 stacks high
  • This system promotes faster growth resulting in a yield of 30%


  • This may not suit every crop you want, like root crops

10. Heated Seed Germination Station from BonsaiOutlet

Start your gardening right with this jump start kit. It comes with adjustable vents to control the heat and humidity to ensure successful germination.


  • A higher success rate on your germination process
  • Watertight base tray ensures mess-free draining

There may be a lot more gadgets to help your indoor plants flourish. But with the ones above, you’ll definitely be in good hands to healthy a meal.

Do you have other high-tech kits you think we missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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