iClever Wireless Speaker (BTS04) Review

iClever Wireless Speaker (BTS04)

I have reviewed more than a handful of Bluetooth wireless speakers on my blog so when iClever contacted to see if I was interested in reviewing their new IC-BTS04 wireless speaker, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to review yet another wireless speaker.

But then I remembered that my teenage son recently “lost” (you parents of teenagers know why lost is in quotes) his JBL Flip wireless speaker and has been asking for a replacement ever since. So I decided to take iClever up on their offer and instead of me reviewing the speaker, I’d let my teenage son review it.

Here’s what he said

After a day or two of using the iClever Wireless Speaker, I asked my son what he thought of it. His first thought was that he liked the size of it. He liked that it was thinner than the JBL Flip speaker he had before but that his music playing on his iPhone still sounded really good.

I asked him how long it took him to connect the iClever Wireless Speaker to his iPhone and he said just a few seconds and that it was all done through built-in voice prompts. He did say he was surprised to hear a male voice on the voice prompts since most tech gadgets use a female voice.

Price comparison to JBL Flip

I was happy to hear that he liked the iClever Wireless Speaker, especially when I found out how much it costs compared to the JBL Flip speakers. As of this writing, the iClever Wireless Speaker goes for $32.99 on Amazon. Compare that to the $65-$85 price range of a JBL Flip wireless speaker, depending on which model you get.

Do I think the iClever Wireless Speaker is better than the JBL Flip wireless speaker? Probably not. But for less than half the cost (and half the worry of your teenager losing the speaker again), the iClever Wireless Speaker is a darn good alternative.

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Note: The iClever Wireless Speaker mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here to purchase on Amazon.com.



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