How to Use Microsoft Word Online | Important Notes You Need To Know

How to Use Microsoft Word Online | Important Notes You Need To Know | microsoft word online free | microsoft office loginMicrosoft Word Online is where to go if you need Microsoft Word but don’t have the cash to spare on the application. This version of the program that generations have come to view as the standard for word processing works on any browser. Get the lowdown on the processor in this article.

Microsoft Word Online Free For You

Microsoft Word Online Vs. Word 2016

Yes, that’s right, Microsoft Word Online doesn’t require a software license. It’s compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and virtually any browser. It also works well with netbooks like Google’s Chromebook.

However, it is not without its limitations. While it is able to do basic word processing tasks, Microsoft Word Online doesn’t have all the features of the paid version. For example, users cannot make a table of contents for their files. Another downside to the online version is that unlike it’s Google counterpart, Google Docs, it does not have an offline mode and therefore only accessible with an Internet connection.

Despite these disadvantages, Microsoft Word Online still has plenty to offer for casual users. Since the application uploads your files to your OneDrive account automatically, it allows for easy collaboration and file sharing.

Get Your Microsoft Office Login Now

It’s easy to access Microsoft Word Online and other free versions of the Microsoft Office suite like Microsoft Excel Online. You will need to register for a Microsoft Account. In case you don’t have one, you can create an account right here.

To access Microsoft Word Online, you only need to go to this page. You’ll be able to see the file for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote on the lower left. Just choose the Word tile and you’re all set.

As previously mentioned, Microsoft Office Online saves your documents in your OneDrive account. Once it’s up there, you can download the OneDrive desktop application on your computer. Here, this will allow you to save local copies of your docs. Your computer will serve as a good backup in case you need to have access to your files offline.

How to Use Microsoft Word Online | Important Notes You Need To Know | microsoft word online free | microsoft office login

Online Collaboration

What’s impressive about Microsoft Word Online is that it allows you to work with your colleagues on the same file, at the same time. You only need to have all parties logged on to begin working on a single document.

Just follow the instructions below to collaborate online:

  1. Open the file you want to work on in Microsoft Word Online.
  2. Click on the Share button at the right corner of the top part of the page.
  3. The Share interface screen will appear where you can invite people. Type the emails or the Microsoft Account usernames of the people you want to work with.
  4. You can add a quick note in the compose box after the address bar to give context as to why they are receiving the link.
  5. Just below the compose box, you’ll see “Recipients can edit.”  Alternatively, you can set it to “Recipients can only view” when you click on the blue link. You can likewise set it if receivers need to have Microsoft accounts or not.
  6. Just click the Share button.

Now you can work on a file and get some work done with your colleagues.

Learning how to use Microsoft Word Online will give you another application to use when you need to compose a document. You’ll just have to forgive its lack of power features. When you need to quickly jot down your thoughts or make the beginnings of a draft, Microsoft Word Online is perfect. Best of all, it’s free. What more can you ask for?

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Do you have other word processing resources that you use? Comment down below and let’s talk about our favorite word processing programs.

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