How To Use LinkedIn for First Time Users

How To Use LinkedIn for First Time Users | how to network on linkedin to get a job | linkedin guide for beginnersLearning how to use LinkedIn may offer many benefits to your career. The social media platform for professionals boosts visibility to recruiters, keeps you abreast of news in your industry, and updates you on job openings. Here’s Noobie’s LinkedIn guide for beginners.

A Guide to Use LinkedIn Effectively for Newbies

How to Create Your LinkedIn Account

How to Create Your LinkedIn Account | How To Use LinkedIn for First Time Users | how to network on linkedin to get a job | linkedin guide for beginners

Signing up for a LinkedIn account is as easy as 1,2,3. You just need either an email or a Facebook account. Think carefully what you’ll use to link with your LinkedIn account because the social media platform sources your contacts from either your email or Facebook to add to your network.

Follow the below steps to create a LinkedIn account:

  1. Go to LinkedIn
  2. Fill in your name, email, and other required information. Alternatively, you can just opt to create your account by using your Facebook account.
  3. You will go through a wizard which asks you a series of questions about your country, your work, etc. Your answers form the basis of your initial profile information.

Adding Your Contacts to Your LinkedIn Network

Adding Your Contacts to Your LinkedIn Network | How To Use LinkedIn for First Time Users | how to network on linkedin to get a job | linkedin guide for beginners
Starting a new social media profile can be a lonely affair since you don’t know anyone just yet. Fortunately, you can immediately add anyone to your email’s address book when you confirm your email.

Here are the steps to do add contacts:

  1. Once you’re complete your profile, go to your registered email address and check your confirmation email. Remember the PIN.
  2. Click on the Confirm Your Email button on the LinkedIn email.
  3. A screen will pop up and congratulate you on creating your account. This is the screen where you can add your contacts.
  4. Choose who to add by clicking on their icon. You can also push the Select All button to add everyone.
  5. Push the Add Connections button.
  6. The next screen will ask you to invite your contacts who aren’t on LinkedIn yet.
  7. Choose who to invite and click the Add Connections button.

You can also upload your profile photo and download on your phone through SMS or the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Marketing on LinkedIn Starts with Your Profile

Marketing on LinkedIn Starts with Your Profile | How To Use LinkedIn for First Time Users | how to network on linkedin to get a job | linkedin guide for beginners
Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn centers on serious professional networking. Before you go out and mingle, you need to customize your profile so you can start selling yourself better. You should approach customizing your profile with the same determination you have when writing or revising your resume.

Please follow or consider these following tips:

a. Personalize your LinkedIn profile URL

Initially, LinkedIn will give your profile an address that looks like name-last name-random numbers. Not that marketable is it? To change this to something a little more personal:

  1. Click on the Me button in the first bar.
  2. Afterward, choose Privacy and Settings and then go to Privacy.
  3. In the Profile privacy screen, click Change on edit your public profile.
  4. Click on the Pencil icon just below your default profile URL.
  5. Edit it and set it to something you can use and then click on Save.

b. Upload a professional photo

You can customize your photo in your profile screen by clicking on the camera icon. Remember to make a favorable first impression by choosing a professional photo. If you can’t decide on one, scope out what people in your network are wearing and follow suit.

c. Set yourself apart with a headline

The headline should pop out and sell you instantly. You need to think about your primary strengths as a professional and the unique benefit you provide as a worker and condense it into a statement.

d. Add your work experience and describe results with numbers

When you add your job experience, make sure that you are detailed when describing the results of your job. Don’t be shy and add numbers. For example, if your department used to close only four new clients every month but you were able to add eight new ones every month, you can say that you helped grow sales by 200% month in and month out.

e. Write like you’re talking to a colleague

Although LinkedIn is professional, you need to write and customize your profile in a balanced way. Don’t use jargon as much as possible and your tone needs to be warm and personable. Although we mentioned that you need to approach your LinkedIn profile like you would your resume, the way you communicate in the social media platform shouldn’t be dry.

Remember to maximize every possible space in your profile to market yourself like the summary section.

How to Network on LinkedIn to Get a Job

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Ultimately, you’re on LinkedIn to climb up several notches in your career ladder or to land your dream job. How do you do that? It’s simple really. You have to leverage the power of your connections.

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The contacts you’ve amassed all through your working years can help you. Use the idea that we’re all separated by six degrees of separation. If you know the name of a contact person or decision maker inside the company you want to apply for, look for them on LinkedIn and check their connections. Find out if you have a standard contact and ask that contact to give you a warm introduction to the decision maker.

Chances are, a warm introduction is all you need to be given an opportunity or for your application to be taken seriously. You can also use this strategy for other things like sales or set a face-to-face meeting.

LinkedIn can be the gateway to landing the job of your dreams or enhancing your reputation as a professional or specialist. By following our tips and the instructions in this article, you can set yourself apart using this social media platform. When you create a profile and present yourself in a savvy fashion, opportunities will flock to you.

What’s your goal for joining LinkedIn? Let’s talk about how you maximize your presence using this social network in the comments below. 

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