How To Use Google Drive For First Time Users

How To Use Google Drive For First Time Users | how to use google drive appTired of going through your files in one place, your photos, and videos in another place, and somewhere different for your music? Are you exhausted with getting so many SD cards or hard drives for all your data requirements? Learn how to use Google Drive and turn data management into a breeze! What started out as an essential cloud function for Google has evolved into its primary repository of documents and tools. Use our Google Drive guide to get started!

How To Use Google Drive For First Time Users | how to use google drive app

Master How To Use Google Drive in Minutes

Sign into your Google Drive Account

If you haven’t, create a Google account and sign in your Google drive. That one account is the golden key to a myriad of online convenience, so make the most of it!

Create New Files or Upload them

Create New Files or Upload them|How To Use Google Drive For First Time Users | how to use google drive app

  1. Click on the New button to access further prompts on My Drive for New Folder, a File Upload or a Folder upload.
  2. Select buttons to create with some Google tools: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, My Maps, Sites or Smartsheets
  3. Access tools directly by clicking on the second icon from your account badge on the upper right of the window.
  4. Always remember to keep the Offline option checked to sync your files and make them available for when the internet is not!

Pro tip: Read up on how you can sync your desktop with Google Drive Sync now.

Change the Way Files Display

On the right side of the window, select the second icon from the settings cog to change the way files are displayed. Choose between list view or grid view.

Work on Files Shared with You

Items shared with you appear first once you click on the Shared with Me button. You may access any of these documents with a touch and collaborate instantly.

Store Your Images on Google Photos

Store Your Images on Google Photos|How To Use Google Drive For First Time Users | how to use google drive app

Back up and store your pictures and videos on Google Photos! Unlimited amount of photos of a maximum 16 megapixels and videos at 1080p resolutions can store on Google Photos.

Keep Track of Your Favorites

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Do this by putting a star on your files. Once you bookmark them, you can quickly browse through the lot by clicking on the Starred button on your left panel.

Delete the Rest

Delete the Rest|How To Use Google Drive For First Time Users | how to use google drive app
Keep your drive clean. Delete unused files or files that you no longer require. Google users are given a free 15 GB memory space to use across all of its apps, and if you know how to use it wisely, there won’t be a need to purchase more.

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Master How to Use Google Drive App on Your Gadget or Smartphone

Download the free app on your devices or smartphones and navigate with ease as the interface of the app remains the same. Operate Google Drive with compatible first-party or third-party web apps from the Chrome store for editing needs.

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In conclusion, learning how to use Google Drive will not only improve your documentation skills, but it also provides you with greater efficiency and mobility. Convenience is at hand when you access all your files from anywhere, anytime with Google Drive. When you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

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