How to upload a picture from your iPad to Craigslist

It never ceases to amaze me what great questions I get asked when I make my monthly visit to some of the senior homes in the community. The stereotype tells me I should only get easy questions from seniors, right? Wrong.

Take for instance my latest visit. The first question a resident asked me was how he could take a picture on his iPad 2 and upload it to Craigslist to create a listing 100% from his iPad without the use of a digital camera or computer.

Sounds easy enough but it isn’t. The iPad 2 does not natively support the ability to take a picture and upload it to a web site and that’s exactly what this gentleman wanted to do.

Cliché but true, there’s an app for that!

Spurred on by the fact that there’s just about an app for everything these days, I started by searching the App Store for Craigslist apps. I had no trouble finding apps but I did have trouble finding one that allowed uploading of pictures straight from the iPad and one that was also free.

Craigslist Free App - Classifieds, Personals  Free AdsI know it sounds stingy to only look for a free app but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing paid apps if there was one that did the same thing for free. Plus, the person asking me the question didn’t want to pay for an app in the first place.

I struck out on the first page of apps on the search results but moving on to page two I found a little gem called Craigslist Free App – Classifieds, Personals Free Ads from Lifelike Apps, Inc. Right there in the description of this free app were the words I was looking for: Use your iPhone or iPad 2 camera to add photos to your postings or add photos from your photo library.

A touch here and touch there and the app was on my own iPad, ready for a test drive.

Perfect app. Perfect solution

Besides being able to upload photos straight from the iPad, the Craigslist Free App wowed me with a beautiful interface. All of the ads are laid out on the screen like a classifieds page in the newspaper. See one you like? Just circle it with your finger and a red circle appears around the ad just as if you had used a Sharpie in a real newspaper.

Perfect app. Perfect solution. And I think the resident and I both learned something that day.




  1. Sharon

    Thanks very much!!!!  Your information saved me a lot of time and it worked.  The only thing a had a problem with is adding more than one photo.

  2. Patric Welch

    Sharon, glad to hear it worked for you. I never thought of adding a second photo. Perhaps it’s a limitation of the app to only add one photo?

    • Caroljoy

      You are the MAN! I have been fighting with this very problem since well, I won’t say! Lol ! Like the other lady said, “the answer was right here all f the time”, and you were nice enough to figure it out and POST it! I just bought the new iPad mini in February, I really hope it works. Thanks a BUNCH! Caroljoy

  3. Carlos

    Works as advertised, no problems with app and thanks

  4. Cecil

    Down loaded this app and still can’t put pictures on Craig’s list from I pad2. Have all the I pad up dates?  What am I doing or not doing?

  5. Patric Welch

    Cecil, when I go to post a new ad using the app, it asks me to fill out things such as Posting Title, Price, Specific Location, etc. Below all of that is a button that says “Tap to Add Image”. When I touch that button, I get the choice to take a picture from my iPad (“Camera”) or choose one from my library (“Photo Library”).

  6. Dean

    Thanks for the info.  I downloaded the app but still can post a pic to CL.

  7. Lisa

    Works great n u can upload up to four images!!!! Love love love this….

  8. Nicole Fleming

    I hate this app your recommending! Any of the apps by escargot services. As a person who runs a resale business we need something better than this app. Its just for people who want to post quickly and dont care if their stuff sells or not. Well make note, the better your ad is the better yur stuff sells. Also, for Craigslist notifications it sucks. It hardly ever shows you the exact ads you’ve already seen before. The push notifications never make a sound on my computer.  I feel like these apps are very hard to use in general. Nothing beats Craig’s notifica on android! And that’s exactly why I can’t switch over my phone to an iPhone. Even though I have the new iPad.

  9. Patric Welch

    Nicole, interesting feedback on the app. I hadn’t gone into all of the other aspects of the app. The main thing I needed to accomplish was uploading a picture from iPad to Craigslist and this app does that easily.

  10. Carol

    Thank you so much.I am one of those seniors but I love working on the computer and you just made it so much easier..

  11. Jenny

    Thanks so much for the tip! Worked great! I had been struggling with how to post a picture from my iPad onto craigslist until I found your answer. This is why I love the Internet. Got a question, an answer is a fingertap away as long as there are helpful people like you around. Thanks for spreading so much goodness!

  12. Patric Welch

    Carol, Jenny – thank you for the kind words. Glad I could help! :)

  13. Melissa

    I downloaded the app you suggested, and still can not upload pics from my iPad 2 onto my Craig’s list posting!! Help!!

  14. Patric Welch

    Melissa, when you go to post a new listing using the app and get to the point where you enter the title, price, location, etc. there should be a button with the label “Add Image”. Touch that and you should be able to choose between taking a picture with your camera or uploading an existing photo from your photo library.

  15. Melissa


    When I touch the upload/add photo it does nothing. It won’t even open

  16. Patric Welch

    This may seem like a silly question, but are you sure you have an iPad 2? I could see that happening on the iPad 1 which didn’t have a built-in camera.

  17. Jarred

    Hi, I have the iPad 2, built in camera, and I’ve been trying to upload pictures to craiglist.  I know what to do to post a picture, but where it says “add” it doesn’t allow me to choose or add anything.  It’s very frustrating. Please help, thankyou

  18. Bill

    The app does make it easy to display a photo on craigslist.  The only problem I had was I could not put in the dollar amount in the price section in the heading.  Do not know whats going on there.

  19. Robert

    I have gotten to the point where it’s says add image. Then chose my image and then it pops a page up that says . Image taking too Long to download? Try reducing their size with image editing software… Not sure what I’m doing wrong , but I have IPad2 and I am an avid craigslist user..still No Luck.. SMH

  20. Gary

    I am having the same problem as #19.  Wassup.  Any help is appreciated.

  21. Patric Welch

    I think at this point, some of you who are still having problems with the images may want to contact the developer and open a support ticket. I found this page with frequent support problems and at the bottom is a link to “Submit a request”.

    If you hear anything back, please come back here and tell us their solution as it seems there are at least a few people who could benefit from it. Thanks!

  22. Carla

    Same problem as 19&20;. I’ve spent all day trying to post pics from iPad and can’t get anywhere! Can’t wait to see if y’all get this figured out. Thanks so much for any feedback

  23. Bev

    Same problem as19, 20, and 22. Would love some help. :-)

  24. Patric Welch

    I wonder if some of you are experiencing problems because the native iPad photos are too large for the Craigslist app. I did some searching and found an app called “Fit It” that allows you to resize your photos to make the file size smaller. Might be worth a shot. Search for it in the App Store. It’s free.

    • Caroljoy

      Omg! Mine gave me a pop up tag that said ” image to large” or something like that so I guess I need to resize it. Okay, now I see what’s going . I’ll get right back, or as soon as I figure this out. I’m lucky cuz my hubby is an IT guy, total nerd but we love him so! Lol

  25. Carla

    Thanks so much for trying to help but I still can’t get it done. Even if I can select image to add, the subsequent “choose file” box is greyed out? I did get that app which I will definitely use for some things but it’s not working for me for this situation. It’s crazy cause I’ve don’t this with iPad in the past without a problem using CL app. ?  Thanks- I’ll keep checking in to see if y’all come up with solution:)

  26. Bob

    Yep, I’m having the same difficulty uploading pictures to Craigslist with my iPad2. Got as far as pulling 4 photos from the iPads Library and added to the Listing. Clicked NEXT, then the Photos are gone…

  27. Mark

    Hi All,

    The picture feature for me in CL worked awesome a couple weeks ago and I too am experiencing the grayed out “Choose File” button for “add Image” on my iphone 4. I went to the URL that Patric noted above and found this response to our problem:

    There is a current bug which prevents some users from being able to upload pictures to their postings. We are working hard to fix this and hope to submit a fixed update shortly, which will then be subject to Apple’s approval process. Unannounced changes on the Craigslist site can affect how our app functions and we apologise for the inconvenience. Please look out for the fixed update coming soon.

  28. Patric Welch

    Mark, that’s good to know. Not good for those who can’t upload photos but at least it’s a documented (and acknowledged) problem now. Thanks for the follow-up!

  29. Lori

    Omg, I am not alone in this, how aggravating! Hope it’s fixed soon.

  30. Angela

    So glad I found this website. Thankful I’m not alone with this issue.

  31. Marcus

    This is driving me crazy. I get the same greyed out box and can’t upload photos to the ad. Any other apps that can do this on the ipad?

  32. Derrick

    I have an IPAD2 and also have the same problem posting pics to criags list.. even with this app. So just to make sure I am getting this right…. I can’t post pictures directly to CL natively with the IPAD, I need this app to do that. Additionally, i need another app to resize my pictures so this app can post them.. That doesn’t seem very efficient.  Anyone know why we we need an APP to post the pictures to CL?

  33. Derrick

    correction.. I have a IPAD3.. sorry

  34. Jake

    I am having the same problem as 26 it let’s me pick 4 pics then when you hit next they are gone wtf!!!

  35. Rhonda

    I have the iPad app for craigslist too, and it used to work great up until a week or two ago. I noticed Craigslist changed the way you upload on the computer, so the explanation given above makes sense if using an app. However, I still have the same problem when not using the app (going directly to the website on my iPad 2). I hope they fix the problem soon.  I’m also experiencing some upload problems using my computer, but have been managing to work through them. I’ll be checking back here for an update. Thanks all!

  36. Elisa Christensen

    I have been pulling out my hair for hours over this!  So glad I found you guys!  I’m pretty Craigslist savvy, been using it for years and I’ve tried just about everything, including finding an excellent app for resizing photos: Photopad.  It’s simple, well designed and freeI So at least we can get that out of this wait.  I hope Craigslist comes up with a solution soon, because I’m really under a time crunch here. 

    Best of luck to all of you too. 


  37. Elisa Christensen

    This is my idea, folks: On each listing, at the end of your item description, (I happen to be listing quite a few things at the moment) add: THERE IS A BUG WITH CL THAT IS PREVENTING IPAD USERS FROM POSTING PHOTOS. UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED, PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR PHOTOS! CRAIGSLIST: PLEASE FIX THIS BUG RIGHT AWAY! 

    Perhaps if they see this popping up often enough they will speed things up a bit, especially if other users start to take notice and say something.  That would be awesome!  All it takes is one copy and multiple pastes.

    Cheers Everyone!


  38. Janet

    This has been so helpful! I have the new iPad and have tried 2 or 3 Craig’s list apps and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I have posted items on Craig’s list from a computer and thought it would be so nice to take pics on my iPad and post directly to Craig’s list.

  39. Beth

    This is driving me crazy.  When I initially ran across your post, I went and immediately downloaded this app thinking all would be well.  I am having the exact same problem as many of you.  It lets me select up to 4 pictures but when I hit next they are gone.  Ugh!  So frustrating!  Will try Elisa’s recommendation and post the note at the bottom but having to email photos to inquiring individuals all day long isnt ideal either.  At least I’m not alone :). Hope this is fixed soon!  Thx to all that posted.

  40. Danny Davis

    I’m having same problem posting pics to CL.  My CL Pro app worked fine a few weeks ago, but now nothing.  It let’s me tap on iPad pics and it appears to upload, but when I hit continue, they’re not there. I tried the edit function, but it’s grayed out.  Frustrating.

  41. Beth

    I was able to find a workaround today which isn’t AS quick as uploading pics directly to Craigslist but it’s pretty smooth and relatively easy.

    1. Download the Photobucket app (free)

    2. Upload your pic directly from your iPad library or camera to Photobucket. 

    3. Open the pic in Photobucket, click the LINK icon on the top right, then click the HTML option.  This automatically copies the link to your clipboard.

    4.  Go back to your Craigslist app, and in the DESCRIPTION of your item, paste this HTML link.  You can type a description, then paste this link and your add will look exactly like every other Craigslist posting out there!

    Good Luck!

  42. Patric Welch

    Beth, great idea hosting your photos on Photobucket! Way to think outside the box. And thanks for sharing with everyone else.

  43. Phil

    Theres a notice that the Apple App Store no longer allows uploading images to Craigslist from mobile apps. It’s not a bug. It’s a regulation that the developers have to follow in order to keep their apps in the store.

  44. Lisa

    So basically this app is now useless????

  45. Patric Welch

    I would recommend for now that everyone use the hosted image approach like Beth described in comment #41.

  46. Lisa Brantmeyer

    Thank you so much for this post!  Ditto to all of the above and Thanks to the people who take the time out to help us frustrated people!  Have a great day!

  47. Tony

    Same problem trying to load pictures on CL, I had been able to in the past, but note that it’s not just the app…im having the same luck trying to post using Safari on my Pad, so it’s an Apple issue?

  48. LonestarKim

    After updating the software on my iPhone earlier this month is when I could no longer upload photos from my Craigslist app. Until this problem is fixed, i include at the end of each posting, “CL won’t load my photos, but can email or text pics upon request. I know this works as i just sold my run down RV yesterday! Thank you Mr. Welch and others who post here, for providing this forum to seek assistance.

  49. Jamie

    Thank you SO much, especially comment # 41 for a way to get around this.  I spent so much time last week trying to up,old the four photos from my iPad.  I used to do this all the time.  I thought it was just me who was having trouble.  It used to be so easy, but I do appreciate the tip mentioned in #41.  I hope this gets fixed.  I just sent a question/comment to CL.

  50. Derrick

    Has anyone figured out why we can’t post pictures directly (with out an app) or indirectly(using an app) to craiglist with the new ipads? If you have found out why, would you mind posting your source?

  51. Wade

    Excellent app.  I can add pictures no problem.  Up to four can be added.  It took me a while to add the dollar amount in the heading but I realized you have to tap in the middle of the box to add a dollar amount.  This works better than the apps I paid for.

  52. Oscar

    Thanks a lot man you have solved a problem many of us where trouble shooting with appreciate it and thanks again

  53. Angela

    For those who have been frustrated over this App issue, I was finally able to upload pics to my posting.

  54. Lindsay

    I am SO PISSED! Bought my IPad July July 17th and spent many hours in my local Verizon store and made my final choice of the best….. Apple…. Wtf? I have a furniture business and depend on Craigslist to place my classifieds on to find out I can’t post the pics of what I’m selling! Bc Apple and Craiglist can’t work together! They better fix this so called “bug” soon or I will go with Droid….I thought Apple was the best! I’m losing money! In my business people want pics not just words!

  55. Jael

    I keep getting a log in time out error. So I can’t log into my existing account.

  56. Bo

    Getting nowhere with app.are they working on it?

  57. Lisa

    Cannot sign in, time out error….now what’s up, you jut fixed the puctures upload issu now can’t login!!!! Very frustrated!!!!  PLEASE ADVISE… Thanks

  58. Mary Smith

    I have read all your helpful comments and am glad I am not the only person having problems with this.  My question, which I have not seen, is:  my daughter took a picture with her I phone and emailed it to me on my new iPad (3).  Is there any way to get this image from my email onto a Craigslist ad?  Thanks for any help.

  59. Bo

    Alot of questions,no answers.Does any of the six or seven apps work that you can buy at the app store?I would really like to post an item with a picture.Does anyone have an answer?

  60. LonestarKim

    Here’s a free CL App i just found for my iPhone that loaded my pics with the greatest of ease. Hope this helps. The prompt will ask you to create an account (one that you already have) Then just use your gallery or snap a photo. MERCATO APP is the name. See link below…

  61. Bill

    Same thing with many of the folks, I purchased a IPad2 to take photo’s on place them on CL… Only to find after several days of trying, I can’ t.  Don’t understand, purchased CL/PRO and it still does not work. Very Disappointed!!

  62. No

    I gave up with the iPad 2 Went to my I phone and it works well with the apps .Got posted several times on CL with photos.

  63. Lisa

    Mercato app works good but doesn’t link ur current CL account, u have to create an account to use solely w that app…but it does work for posting quickly.  Everything works, I still can’t login to this app so moving to mercato until this login error is fixed

  64. LonestarKim

    Glad the Mercato app is working for you Lisa. For others who need a CL alternative for posting pics, see #60 for link.

  65. Bo

    62 is Bo not No.I tried mercato and it didn’t work for me.I think different cable companies can’t handle some of the apps.I had to go to my iPhone to get any satisfaction.I would like o use my iPad 2 So I will try again later.I tried to play a movie from my iPad to my TV.A pop up came on and said our system doesn’t work with your system at this time.So I think the cable systems are different.I have been selling a lot of things on Craigslist so I’ll use the phone until I can get the iPad to work for me.Thanks to everyone for their help.Bo

  66. Patric Welch

    I just noticed an update to the CraigsList app in the App Store. Has anyone tried it? Did they fix the photo upload problem?

  67. B

    Just downloaded the app and it works perfectly. Thanks so much.

  68. Laura showalter

    Thanks so much, this worked like a charm and ended my endless frustration!

  69. Mary smith

    I downloaded the Craigslis Pro app.  It was easy to use for an ad with no photos.  When I try to add photos, the button to “click to add photos”will not work, and I get an error message.  I have my photos stored in my photo shop.  Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks for any help.

  70. Lisa

    App has been fixed the update fixes the login error can now upload photos and login with iPad flawlessly once again !!!!

  71. Carol

    Thanks! I was reading through the list of posts with dismay, and then it sounded hopeful. So I got the app and loaded four pictures quick and easy!

  72. Mary smith

    Please tell me which app, thanks

  73. Jessica

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!  I had just been sitting here fuming because my crappy Craigslist App wouldn’t let me post pictures!  I have an iPad 1 and I downloaded the app you recommended. I had no problem uploading multiple pictures!  My husband is happy because I’m not sitting over here grumbling anymore and I’m happy that I didn’t have to go get the laptop!

  74. Heather

    Patric, thanks so much for publishing this resource! I’m really happy with the App and even upgraded to the paid version ( .99)! I would have given up trying to post several items where it not for your research. Well done and thanks again!

  75. Patric Welch

    Thank you Jessica and Heather for your nice comments. I’m glad I could help :)

  76. Jeff

    I’ve created an app that lets you post high quality photos to any classified posting.  It works in the method that Beth described in comment #41.  The main difference from using a site like photobucket is that you can easily add multiple photos and have only one piece of code to copy.  This is the best method to not violate the CL terms of service.

    Check it out.  I’d love to hear feedback.

  77. Maria

    Hey you can also get the Craigslist app for iPhone on your iPad and it workds just great for uploading pics from you iPad! You just have to get over the fact that it’s ment for a small screened iPhone and not as nice looking.

  78. David

    New Way to post item to Craigslist on your iPhone and iPad, check it out:

    • Marty Kodman

      Thank you so much!! This worked!!!!!

  79. Marty Kodman

    Thank you so much!! This worked!!!!

  80. Jan

    Free app no longer allows access to post or to account. CL now requires maximum 1,000 pixel size.

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