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Wasting your life traveling to and from work and looking for ways to make money from home? Here are 11 ways you can earn money while at home.

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Skip The Commute and Earn Money At Home 


1. Online Remote Jobs

With connectivity being such a normal thing these days, more and more jobs are being outsourced to remote workers. You have a multitude of choices ranging from Transcriber, English Teacher, Chat or Voice Support, Virtual Assistant or even Freelance Writing. Some of these jobs can be a great side hustle while others might even be your standard 8-hour job, with the added benefit of being done from the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to take back the hours you waste commuting to and from work! Websites like Upwork or Indeed are a great place to search for that next remote job.

2. Rent Out Your Spare Room

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If you have a spare room in your home, a great way to earn extra cash is to rent it out through Airbnb. It’s great because listing your property is free and the entire transaction is handled by the website. Also, as a protection to their hosts, Airbnb does not allow any cash transactions to take place. With 24/7 support, insurance coverage for their hosts, and a verification process for its guests, Airbnb really looks out for its renters. Besides, no one is using that room anyway, so why not make a few bucks off it? You might even get to meet some new friends too.

3. Rent Out Your Car

You can rent out almost anything online, even your own vehicle. Similar to renting your spare room on Airbnb, you can rent out that idle car in the garage. With websites like Turo and Getaround, you can get your car to pay for itself! Cars depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot. If you rented out your car for 15 days every month, you can potentially earn about $6,500 a year for just renting out your car. It’s a great alternative to doing it yourself as an Uber or Lyft driver.

4. Trade Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin was all the rage last year with its price skyrocketing to $20,000 per Bitcoin. Even with its price dropping significantly, you can still potentially earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars trading cryptocurrency. Crypto Exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance make it so easy to buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies from your computer or even your mobile device. These exchanges operate similarly to how the stock market works — you buy low and sell high.

A word of caution, however, this is probably the highest risk option on this list. Although it may also be the most lucrative way to make money online, you also could potentially lose all of your investment with just one bad trade.

5. Start a Website or Blog

This is the most common advice you will find online and it’s actually quite easy to do. With sites like Wix offering not only web hosting but web design services as well. Don’t start counting your Benjamins yet though. This may be easy to do but it’s quite difficult to actually start making money off of. There are multiple ways to monetize your site through things like Google Adwords or Affiliate links, but the main issue here is actually getting people to read your blog!

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6. Be a YouTube Content Creator

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Very similar to starting a blog, this is essentially the video version of a blog — a Vlog. YouTube even uses almost the same monetization systems as a website or a blog. Videos you upload will show ads, which are connected to Adsense, and you can also have affiliate links. You do need to learn how to use video editing software and you need to invest in decent video and sound recording equipment too. You have the option to cover a multitude of topics like food, cooking, beauty, fitness and even gaming.

7. Stream Video Games

Jump on that Fortnite train! Many gamers around the world make good money just streaming their gameplay sessions live to thousands of viewers. Similar to YouTube content creation, you need a decent video and audio recording equipment. You also need a decent computer to stream and play a video game at the same time. Streaming also needs specialized software to broadcast your gaming session to websites like Twitch and YouTube.

8. Post Reviews

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One of the more unusual entries on this list, you can actually make money writing product or restaurant reviews. Websites like Swagbucks or GrindaBuck make it easy to make money doing everyday things like leaving reviews or even shopping your favorite online retailers. You can earn straight up cash or gift cards from various retailers. Although it does take a lot of work to get some decent money, it gives you the ability to earn some extra money while doing the normal everyday things you already do.

9. Video Game Tester

A preferred choice for gamers everywhere, certain websites actually allow you to test mobile games from your home and make money at the same time. Gametester gives you a selection of games you can download on your device to test and help find bugs and errors for. Although not just fun and games, searching for bugs within a game can actually be challenging. If you’re already swiping away on Candy Crush, why not try to make a few bucks while playing random games?

10. Take Surveys

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Similar to a previous item on this list, you can also earn a little extra by taking surveys. How much you can make is based on how many surveys you are willing to do. Not to be mistaken as a get rich quick scheme, you need to answer quite a few surveys to make some good money. It’s something great to do in your free time to make a little extra cash. Visit the American Consumer Opinion and create an account for free and start earning now!

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11. Do Microwork

Microwork is a great way to do things at your own pace, freelance style. You can offer your own on-demand services such as graphic design, video editing, content writing, programming and many other quick and easy tasks. Check out Fiverr and offer your services to anyone willing to pay! People around the world get to check out your service and can request your service or a “gig” as they call it. All gigs start out at $5, hence the name Fiverr, and can go up to thousands of dollars depending on the service offered.

Learn how to make passive income in this video from Pat Flynn:

Now you know just a few ways on how to make money from home. You can either completely remove the need for a daily commute or just even earn a few extra bucks on the side with these side hustles. Whichever option you choose, you need to make sure its the right fit for you.

What do you think is the best way to make money from home? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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