How To Edit PDFs On A Mac And On A PC

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The PDF file has been around for quite some time and is one of the most often used file formats. For this reason, knowing how to edit PDFs is an essential skill today. It’s no stranger to some people, especially those working in a corporate environment. Since not everyone knows how to create a PDF file, we created this post which focuses on how to edit PDFs on Mac and Windows operating system. Read on and find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding PDF files.

How To Edit PDFs | Your Questions Answered

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What is a PDF File?

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PDF stands for Portable Document Format (PDF) and is typically a file or a document when saved, will look like a preview of a printed document while remaining an electronic document. It is a common file type and uses the .pdf file extension. It’s best used for saving fill-up forms, resumes, and research papers among others since you need specific software to fill in data or overwrite said documents.

Why Should You Use a PDF File?

As the name implies, it is very portable and files saved in PDF looks a lot more formal and are not easily overwritten. Also, you don’t need to worry about the file size since it will be compressed to consume little disk space. It also preserves a document’s layout, formatting, fonts, and images. It is browser-friendly which means you can open PDF files via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari to name a few.

How to Create PDF Files?

Creating PDF files is very easy to execute as you only need to change the file format of a document when saving. Aside from web browsers, you can use various software to edit and view PDF files like Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, and Foxit.

How to Edit PDFs on PC (Windows)?

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What makes this a very reliable file format is its accessibility regardless of the operating system platform you are using. For Windows, all you need to do is download software which can open this file format. Using Adobe Acrobat as an example, you’ll just need to go to Tools and click Edit. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to edit PDFs using Acrobat:

  1. Click on the Edit PDF tool which can be seen in the right pane.
  2. Highlight the text or image you want to edit. Acrobat will suggest the tools you’ll need.
  3. Add more information or edit the page content. Just like Microsoft Word, lines and paragraphs will fill-in just fine or simply click and drag to resize elements.
  4. You can add, replace, adjust, or modify images on the page using selections from the Objects tool.
  5. You can also edit links, Headers, and Footers, watermark, or background by simply clicking on it. Use the tool of your desire to edit.

How to Edit PDFs on Mac?

For Mac OS, the default PDF opener is Preview. One of the most common things people use PDF files for is signing documents. You can do this by going to the sketch option, then click on Create Signature. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you have a trackpad, input your name using your finger. Using the Force Touch trackpad, press harder and darker line will appear. Sign your name then press any key on the keyboard to finish.
  • If your device has a built-in camera, sign your name on a paper then capture the image.

If you wish to add notes, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Tools > Annotate > Note
  • To select the note, click on the note box then add desired information.
  • To close the note, simply click outside the note box. You can drag and drop notes anywhere you wish.
  • To check on all notes and highlights, choose View > Highlights and Notes.

There are lots of benefits using PDF files since it looks a lot more polished when someone views it. Imagine sending a resume in Microsoft Word document format versus one in PDF, it looks a lot more professional and pleasing to the eye of the employer. As stated in the FAQs above, it’s not hard to do and you should practice saving documents in this format regularly.

Do you use PDF files regularly? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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