How To Delete A Twitter Account In 4 Steps

How To Delete A Twitter Account In 4 StepsWondering how you can delete a Twitter account? While Twitter remains one of social media‘s most popular platforms, many are ready to quit it. Twitter can be overwhelmingly populated by trolls, littered with negativity and generally makes entertainment, well, less entertaining. Are you ready to move on but don’t know how? Say goodbye to that blue bird and get back to peace and quiet today!

How To Delete a Twitter Account Completely In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Log on to Your Account via the Twitter Website Using a Computer

Even if it seems so much easier to do this on mobile phone, this feature is only available on computers.

Step 2: Click on Your Profile Photo to Access Settings and Privacy

Click on your Profile Photo to access Settings and privacy | How To Delete A Twitter Account In 4 Steps

You will find this in the drop-down options under your photo. For convenience, click on this link, it will redirect you to your Twitter settings.

Step 3: Scroll Down the Page and Find the Link to Deactivate my Account

Scroll down the page and find the link to Deactivate your account | How To Delete A Twitter Account In 4 Steps

Its a sad day for Twitter to lose a loyal subscriber, but it is what it is.

Scroll Down the page and find the link to Deactivate your account | How To Delete A Twitter Account In 4 Steps

Find the link at the very bottom of the page, or click here.

Step 4: Click on Deactivate Button

Click on the Deactivate button | How To Delete A Twitter Account In 4 Steps

It’s done! Turn things around if you feel like salvaging your 140 character musings after all. Just login within 30 days of deactivation and pick up where you left off. For verified accounts, you are given 12 months from deactivation date to reconsider.

Consider Your Options

Secure your Twitter handle or email address in the event that you get back in the Twitter game. Before deactivating, change your enrolled email address to another one and confirm it by clicking the link in your email.

Want to immortalize your tweets for your eyes only? Download your account’s archive. Go to Settings and privacy. Find the Content header and click on Request your archive. Twitter will email you a downloadable link once the file is ready.

Important Things To Remember

While Twitter assures its subscribers that their data is completely erased after a couple of days, they are quick to say that search engines like Google and Bing may have indexed your tweets which Twitter has no access to. This basically means that copies of your tweets may be lurking somewhere on the web. Be careful with what you post, it’s virtually impossible to disappear from the internet!

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In 2009, then Disney Princess Miley Cyrus opted out and deleted her Twitter account. Watch mileymandy’s YouTube video of Miley Cyrus rapping her reasons for leaving Twitterdom and get inspired!

Google Suite Cheat Sheet

Ready to say goodbye to Twitter? Even if you want to delete yours immediately, there is no way to do it in an instant. We, too, think it’s best to deactivate your Twitter and mull things over before full deletion. Make use of the 30 days given before you wipe out your existence on the platform, so in case you change your mind, it isn’t too late. If you are totally over tweeting and have your mind made up, then go ahead and delete your Twitter!

Is there anything else you want to know about how to delete a Twitter account? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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