How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

The basic knowledge surrounding how to change Apple password is essential for iPad and iPhone users alike. In today’s interconnected tech world, you can never be too careful when using your iPad or iPhone. Regularly updating your iTunes login credentials is a way of maintaining a strong password. This is just one of the many ways to protect yourself online. We’ve pulled together this guide to help you move through a password reset in just 7 quick and easy steps.

How to Change Your Apple Password Through 7 Simple Methods

1. Use the Apple ID Account Page

Use the Apple ID Account Page | How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

The Apple ID account page is one place you can retrieve your password. Click the Forgot ID or Forgot Apple password option on the bottom of the page and just type in your Apple ID to reset the password.

A new page will appear for you to enter your Apple ID then click continue. In the next page, choose the “I need to reset my password” option. The next page will let you choose how you want to reset your password, either through an instruction sent to your email address or by answering the security questions you set when you created your Apple ID.

In changing your old password, just type in your new password and retype it to verify. A password strength guide is shown to help you gauge its effectiveness. Remember to update all your device passwords via settings!

Once done, sign in again. Keep in mind that your trusted device must likewise update its passwords under settings.

2. Use Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

You can also use your iOS device to change an Apple ID password. Just head to “Settings > Your Name > Password & Security.”

Tap “Change Password” then key in your device passcode. Encode your backup password and verify it by entering it again. Tap on Change or Change Password on your iOS device.

Give it a whirl by signing in with your new Apple ID password.

3.  Using Your Mac

Using Your Mac | How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

Log in to the Apple ID account page. Find the Password and Security options on the left side of the screen. Click on “Change Password.”

Key in your current password and enter a new one twice to change it. Be guided by the password strength indicator at the bottom. Use your new password moving forward.

4. Do the Two-Step Verification or Two-Factor Authentication

If you have previously enabled your Apple ID’s 2-Factor Authentication, you can unlock your Apple ID from any trusted device with a password or passcode which is enabled.

Ensure that the device is running on iOS 10 or later.

Proceed to settings. Tap on “[Your Name]> Password & Security> Change Password” then follow the onscreen guide to finish the process.

5. Go to

Go to | How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

The iForgot Apple page is the primary space to complete a password reset. Key in your Apple ID then click the “continue” button. On the succeeding page, tick on your preferred option for password recovery: Get an email, answer security questions, or enter the code sent to your Apple device.

6. Use Your Friend’s Device

Use Your Friend's Device | How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

Open the “Find My iPhone” app. Tap “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” under the login prompt. If a login screen doesn’t load, tap on “Sign Out.” Clear the Apple ID field and password and tap on “Forgot Apple ID and password.” Follow the onscreen guide to run through the process.

7. Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple Support | How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways


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When all else fails, you can count on Apple Support to save the day! They will generate a temporary recovery key for you to regain access to your account.

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You can never be too safe online and it is better to be wise when it comes to securing your information. We hope that you now understand how to change an Apple password and apply it regularly to your own account. It would be advisable to have a backup password so you’ll have a reference in case you forget yours.

Do you have any more questions on how to change your Apple password? Let us know in the comments section below!

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How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways

Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on January 19, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

How To Change Apple Password In 7 Easy Ways
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