How do I reset my iPad keyboard back to the bottom of the screen?

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QUESTION: When I try to send an email from my iPad, the keyboard appears near the top of the screen and even when I hold down the keyboard icon and tap on dock, nothing happens. Help. – Helen P.

Ask Mr. NoobieANSWER: Well, this is a tricky one since before I even finished reading your question, I was going to tell you to press and hold the keyboard button and then touch the Dock option. It looks like you already tried that though without much success.

The only additional suggestion I can make for you is to make sure you aren’t lifting your finger before selecting the Dock option. In other words, slide your finger from the keyboard button to the Dock option and then let go.

If this doesn’t work, there is one more thing to try. Try holding down the keyboard button and immediately dragging the keyboard back into place. In other words, touch the keyboard button and drag your finger down the screen until the keyboard automatically re-docks itself to the bottom of the screen.

If none of these options work, it might be time to visit your local Apple Store.

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