How can I turn off Amazon Prime prompts?

Ask Mr. Noobie

Ask Mr. NoobieQUESTION: I regularly purchase from Amazon. Every time I do I am prompted to sign up for Amazon Prime. Can this pestering about Prime be turned off? – Anonymous from Chino Hills, California

ANSWER: I wish I had a solution for you but, unfortunately, I don’t. I researched this to see if anyone else had found a way to do it but came up empty. I also went through my own Amazon account settings and preferences to see if there was anything that might indicate that you could turn these types of prompts off, but again, I came up empty.

My guess is that stopping the prompts is the equivalent of stopping a McDonald’s employee from asking, “Do you want fries with that?” In other words, it’s an upsell and they are going to ask you if you want it every single time you order.

For what it’s worth, Amazon Prime is one of the biggest no-brainer memberships you can get. Free UPS 2-day shipping (heck, now even free same day shipping in select cities), unlimited streaming music, free instant video movies and television shows, free monthly Kindle books and more! All for a little over $8/month (payable at $99/year).

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