HooToo TripMate Titan is the ultimate travel companion

HooToo TripMate Titan

I travel with a lot of gadgets, cords and accessories. Each has its separate purpose and I never know what I may need on any given trip. The HooToo TripMate Titan is the latest addition to my travel bag and I love it!

Honestly, the TripMate Titan is so many darn things rolled in to one, it’s going to take me a while to explain all of the features. So before I do, let me mention two quick things:

TripMate offers between now and September 28, 2015

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  2. You can visit HooToo.com for a chance to win a brand new iPhone 6S in HooToo’s #IntotheWired contest.

HooToo Into the Wired Contest

It’s a powerbank

Probably the simplest usage of the TripMate Titan is to power any USB device such as your smartphone or your tablet. It packs a 10400 mAh battery which should be plenty to charge most smartphones up to 3 times before the TripMate itself needs to be recharged.

Wi-Fi media sharing

In my opinion, this is by far the coolest feature of the TripMate Titan. By simply plugging in any USB storage device (as small as a USB thumb stick on up to a full USB hard drive) you can immediately access all files on the USB device through the TripMate’s built-in Wi-Fi connection. Just connect to the TripMate’s Wi-Fi on your smartphone or tablet and use the TripMate Plus app [iOS | Android] to navigate the files and you’re in business.

TripMate Plus app

I have so many uses in mind for this feature. For starters, I plan on putting digital copies of all of my DVDs (created using MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows) and a full copy of my mp3 music library on a portable USB hard drive. Then whenever my family goes on a long road trip, I can plug the portable USB hard drive into the TripMate and anyone in the car (of course except the driver) can stream any movie or song directly to their device. How cool is that?

I also plan on using it for vacations when we have multiple people taking photos on their own devices. Before the trip is over, each person can copy their own photos and videos over to the TripMate to create one master collection for the trip.

Couple more things I want to point out. First is that the TripMate Titan only has one USB port but it can easily accept a USB hub with multiple drives attached to it so you can really expand your storage quickly.

Second, once a video is streaming to your smartphone or tablet, you can transfer it over to your television using Chromecast, Roku or any other DLNA compatible device.

Wireless travel router

Other uses for the TripMate Titan include using it as a wireless travel router. This feature is not for noobies but techies will love it. You can use the TripMate Titan to convert a wired network to a wireless network (think multiple people sharing one wired connection) or you can bridge an existing wireless network to create your own secure Wi-Fi network.


At a price point of just under $60 as of this writing (minus another $10 if you use the coupon code mentioned above), the HooToo TripMate Titan is an extremely affordable and useful travel gadget, especially for families. I highly recommend it.

Note: The HooToo TripMate Titan mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here to purchase on Amazon.com. Don’t forget to use coupon code 7WL5VJQH between September 14-28, 2015 to save $10 on any TripMate.




  1. joe large

    Patric, I have a chromebook and do in-home sales of window fashions. Shutters, shades blinds etc. I also have note 3. Can I create a wifi hub where chromebook will work or possibly use hootoo tripmate to be able to access internet on my chromebook.??

    Thanks, Joe

    • Patric Welch

      No. The HooToo Tripmate creates its own Wi-Fi signal for the purposes of displaying any content on a USB drive connected to it. It does not have any way to connect to the Internet on its own unless you connect it to another public Wi-Fi whereas it serves as a pass-thru to the Internet.

  2. Barry

    Hello Patric
    I am no technican!! Very pleased with the Tripmate ‘ Tritan’ I am a retired photographer and would like to avoid taking a computer (Mac) when travelling. I hope to be able to, with the use of a multi-port USB hub, load an SD card into the ‘TITAN’ which would be connected to an iPad,and have an external hard drive also connected to the hub. I would like to copy or move the content of the SD card to the hard drive. If possible please let me know how to do that.
    Hope it works.

    • Patric Welch

      Some of what you want will work, other parts won’t. For one thing, there isn’t an SD card slot on the Titan. You can however get a USB hub and hook up multiple USB external drives. Then you can connect your iPad to the Titan through the app. One thing though. Just because you have external storage you can access through the TripMate app doesn’t mean every app on your iPad will be able to “see” the external storage. Most likely they won’t. So while it’s great for sharing pictures and videos, I wouldn’t count on it as an external storage device for all of your documents on your iPad. Hope this makes sense.

      • Barry Bullough

        Many thanks Patric. I now have the ‘Titan’ and do exactly as you suggest with a hub feeding my SD card into it. Great for immediate viewing of pictures straight out of the camera, but not simply being able to store the content of the SD card by transferring the files into an external hard drive. I have now found a wonderful device called
        ‘5 – in – 1 Mobile Companion, made by Kingston, which does a similar job to the Titan but allows direct transfer from the SD card to a hard drive. So good to have this facility to be able to connect to the iPad.
        Many thanks for your advice.