How to Ensure Home Workers Remain Productive

Working from Home Productive

No matter what kind of business you run, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected most industries, resulting in millions of workers having to operate from home. As a business owner, there are all sorts of challenges you will have faced during the outbreak, most notably how to stay connected with your employees remotely.

Focusing on productivity and efficiency is key for keeping employees engaged on projects and tasks. However, if you’re struggling to boost your employees’ spirits, here are some tactics you can implement to make sure your home workers remain productive throughout and post the pandemic.

Remove Distractions

While there should always be trust between the employer and employee, some people are social media addicts, meaning they get into the habit of browsing through Facebook and Instagram when they should be focusing on their work. Although it may seem harsh, you could consider this list of websites to block at work which will keep your team productive with their workload.

Once restrictions begin to ease and employees can return to the workplace, they will know what’s expected of them in regard to what they should and shouldn’t access during work hours. There are all sorts of distractions employees will face when working from home, especially if they have children, so using specialist apps and software to keep your team focused is crucial for your business growth.

Hold Team Meetings

Work from Home Team Meetings

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to check in on your team regularly to discuss projects and tasks, as well as monitor employee performance. Regular team meetings are a great opportunity to connect and assign roles to specific members of your company. There are all kinds of software you can use to host meetings, such as Zoom or Skype. Whatever you choose, make sure you pick a video conferencing platform that your employees can use with ease, otherwise, there may be issues connecting and getting online.

Speak on a One-to-One Level

While regular team meetings are critical for remaining productive, you should also use video conferencing software to hold one-on-one meetings with employees. If you have noticed a decline in productivity with a particular member of the team, speaking to them privately and on a personal level can help boost their confidence and self-esteem.

It may only take a quick one-on-one meeting to help get your employee back on track with their duties, so don’t neglect the importance of holding individual meetings. There are several tips you can share with your team to keep them going from home, such as what home office essentials they should have in place.

Inject Some Fun

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the country and world over the last 12 months, resulting in millions of deaths and devastation. With so much doom and gloom and the light at the end of the tunnel yet to surface, there are lots of ways you can keep employees happy and upbeat during these unprecedented times. If your team is worried and anxious about catching the virus, this will likely have a big impact on the quality of their workload.

Injecting some fun into proceedings can make all the difference and help keep your staff motivated. Whether you host your own quiz night or have virtual drinks, you should have a general idea of what your employee’s interests are. Getting to know your staff on a personal level is critical for developing and retaining strong relationships within the workplace.

Recognize Accomplishments

When working on tough projects and tasks, some employees may go the extra mile to yield the results you want and impress clients. If you have noticed that your team are going above and beyond, make sure you recognize their accomplishments and reward them accordingly. Whether you hand out vouchers, a bonus, or even just take time to show your gratitude, employees who feel respected and valued by their employer are more likely to stick around.

When things get back to normal and more job opportunities arise, the last thing you want is for your team to leave and seek employment from a competitor. Therefore, showing your employees that they’re indispensable is important.

Set Clear Goals

If your team isn’t given clear goals, they may struggle to stay motivated and productive with their work. Breakdowns in communication can have severe consequences for your operation, so you must set attainable goals from the offset to ensure your employees know where they stand. Instead of having to deal with dozens of calls from staff who aren’t sure what to do, letting your feelings be known from the start and keeping your employees in the know is critical.

Your employees are the backbone of your business who help to keep it going and running successfully. While we’re currently living in strange times due to COVID-19, that’s not to say productivity levels have to drop. Thanks to technology, you can stay connected with your team from anywhere on the planet and use the above tips to help keep home workers on track with projects and tasks.

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