Home Office Essentials: Where to Start

Home Office Essentials

Television and movies have always made working from home seem very attractive, as if checking emails in bed or at the local cafe is a practical way to complete a working weekend and get anything done. The reality is, working from home can be a very comfortable setup if you have the right tools and considerations covered.

Today we are going to discuss what the home office essentials are and how to start this journey correctly so that you don’t experience burnout or any cramps and headaches from an unsuitable setup. Let’s get started!

Responsive Technology

One of the benefits of working in an office environment is that you have ready access to a range of responsive technologies, with the maintenance of these devices also looked after by a dedicated professional. Now that you are at home, you want to be relying on quality technology so that you can do your work efficiently and not be laboring over a laptop or computer any longer than you need to be.

Set yourself up with a great operating system, Epson ECO Tank Printer, second screen, mouse, keyboard, and any other specialist technologies that your role requires. This will get you off to a great start.

Your Workspace

Now that you have the best technology for your needs, you are going to want to choose a place to set yourself up. Choose a place that is well lit, has decent airflow, and quiet enough that you can be productive and field calls with your colleagues.

It is also ideal to have your chosen workspace solely dedicated to work, rather than your bedroom, dining table or an area that can clutter with bits and pieces and be used by others throughout the workday. Just as an office provides a distraction-free environment, you want to be doing the same at home.

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A home office that is enjoyable to be in and sparks inspiration is going to be one that you thrive in. So, how do you achieve this at home? You can start by bringing some color into your home office (if that sparks joy), a speaker system, a tea set, plants, or anything that helps you carve a little fun or intrigue into your day.

We are so influenced by our surroundings, so don’t rush your home office set up as you might end up with an uninspiring area that is a bore to be in. If you have some annual leave coming up, you might even choose to have some travel brochures or resources nearby or on your wall to keep you engaged in the ‘why’ of your role.

Setting Boundaries

A home office can feel like a prison if you haven’t set boundaries in place to mitigate burn out. Imagine your peers packing up their desks at 5 pm and taking an hour lunch break and try to do the same so you can achieve a home life balance. This is a principle easier said than acted on, as it’s all too easy to just stay online and start another project when you should be closing the laptop.

The same goes for underperformance – keep yourself accountable to strict work hours and use task management software to keep you on track. If you are having trouble defining where work ends and home begins, reach out to your remote team and see what strategies work for them and what resources you can tap into.

Hopefully, we have provided you with enough tips and tools to start your journey working from home, but you may need to continue to fine-tune your routine and test out different approaches to working from home until you hit your stride. Home offices are truly the future, so keep exercising that discipline and seeking new inspirations each day.

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