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Hey Google | Complete List Of Hey Google Commands

Google has just become even more user-friendly. What was once reserved only for Google Assistant, the “Hey Google” phrase has now become available on your Android phone. The change started as a need to make Google Home devices more helpful by responding to more natural sentences. Learn how to set it up on your Android devices and the popular commands you can use.

Hey Google Is Now in Your Android Device | Here are the Best Commands & How to Set It Up

How to Set Up the Hey Google Command on Your Android Smartphone

Setting up the more natural command of Hey Google involves just a few simple steps. To configure your phone, you will need to:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings menu.
  2. Select “Google” then “Search” then “Voice.”
  3. Choose either “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.”
  4. Perform your voice match.

Useful Hey Google Commands

Now you can choose the more natural “Hey Google,” let’s look at some of the most useful commands to help you in your everyday life. You can find a list of all the actions available by going to “More Settings” then “Service” on your Google Home app. Before performing any commands, you need to summon your Google Assistant with “Hey Google.”

Start a Conversation

Your Google Assistant will be able to handle conversational commands by processing the context and searching its database and suppliers for information. You can say such commands as the following:

  • “Hey Google, play ‘Can’t Fight the Feeling.’”
  • “Hey Google, what album is that from?”
  • “Hey Google, play that album.”

Google will gather the data and provide the answers to those responses, engaging in a question-and-answer conversation. Google can find much of this information from advertisers and suppliers in its system.

Perform Basic Commands

Android users often require their Google Assistant to perform basic commands. Some of the most common ones are the following:

  • “Hey Google, help.”
  • “Hey Google, play it louder.”
  • “Hey Google, stop.”
  • “Hey Google, pause.”
  • “Hey Google, resume.”
  • “Hey Google, repeat.”
  • “Hey Google, replay.”

Get Your Daily Schedule

Your voice assistant can let you know about your daily schedule right on your device. This is a great feature that helps you stay on track and keep up with appointments. Some of the most useful commands include:

  • “Hey Google, tell me about my day.”
  • “Hey Google, show me the weather.”
  • “Hey Google, how is traffic?”
  • “Hey Google, remind me of my appointment Wednesday, July 11th.”
  • “Hey Google, remind me to take my medication every day at 8.”
  • “Hey Google, remind me to buy bread at the store.”
  • “Hey Google, what are my reminders?”
  • “Hey Google, what are my appointments?”
  • “Hey Google, what’s next on my calendar?”
  • “Hey Google, what are my events for July 4th?”
  • “Hey Google, what are my notifications?”

With the first command, you can create a personalized response that will provide you with a personal greeting and information you require on a daily basis. This can include reminders, traffic, calendar events, and news stories.

Get the Calculations You Need

You can use voice commands to help you perform calculations. Some types of number commands you may find useful include:

  • “Hey Google, what’s 318 times 22?”
  • “Hey Google, how many pints are in a quart?”
  • “Hey, Google, how much is $465 in British pounds?”

Find Out the Time

You can keep track of time or inquire about time in any location:

  • “Hey, Google, what time is it?”
  • “Hey, Google, what time is it in Shanghai?”
  • “Hey Google, set the alarm for 8 am every day.”
  • “Hey Google, set a timer for 45 minutes.”
  • “Hey Google, snooze my alarm.”

Utilize Your Commands as Tools

You can also use your voice commands as tools to help you accomplish goals or complete tasks you are working on:

  • “Hey Google, find a recipe for eggplant parmigiana.”
  • “Hey Google, order me an Uber.”
  • “Hey Google, tune my instrument.”
  • “Hey Google, say ‘Where is the bathroom?’ in German.”

Perform Search Queries

The tech giant is still a massive search engine, and you can do a voice search for almost anything with commands such as these:

  • “Hey Google, how is IBM stock doing?”
  • “Hey Google, what is a synonym for fantastic?”
  • “Hey Google, spell tomorrow.”
  • “Hey Google, what country is Krakow located in?”
  • “Hey Google, what noise do foxes make?”
  • “Hey Google, how tall is Kobe Bryant?”
  • “Hey Google, how late is Starbucks open?”
  • “Hey Google, who invented the ballpoint pen?”
  • “Hey Google, who wrote Fahrenheit 451?”
  • “Hey Google, how many calories are in cottage cheese?”

Create a Shopping List

Google Assistant was created to help make your life easier, and one of the ways it does that is by helping you with shopping. Some popular Hey Google commands that shoppers may find useful are:

  • “Hey Google, buy laundry detergent.”
  • “Hey Google, reorder Vitamin C.”
  • “Hey Google, add ground beef to my shopping list.”
  • “Hey Google, what items are on my shopping list?”

Manage and Utilize Media

One of the most common things Google Assistant is used for is maintaining and operating various media through such simple commands as:

  • “Hey Google, play some pop music.”
  • “Hey Google, play some white noise.”
  • “Hey Google, play that song that goes ‘If I was a Rich Girl.’”
  • “Hey Google, what is the name of this song?”
  • “Hey Google, when does this album come out?”
  • “Hey Google, dislike this song.”
  • “Hey Google, read me my book.”
  • “Hey Google, play Shark Tank on Chromecast.”
  • “Hey Google, play radio station 105.3 FM.”

Keep Track of Your Favorite Entertainment

Find out information or keep track of your favorite forms of entertainment by using such commands as:

  • “Hey Google, when are the Cowboys playing next?”
  • “Hey Google, what movies were released last week?”
  • “Hey Google, tell me news about the 49ers.”
  • “Hey Google, who are the actors in The Untouchables?”
  • “Hey Google, what shows are on ABC?”

Manage Your Travel

Keeping up-to-date on travel costs and availability as well as your travel schedule can help save you time and money. Try using Google commands including:

  • “Hey Google, what does a round-trip flight to Los Angeles cost?”
  • “Hey Google, find me a flight on American Airlines.”
  • “Hey Google, what time is my flight?”
  • “Hey Google, what is there to see in Madrid?”
  • “Hey Google, find me a restaurant in Chicago?”

Take Control of Your Smart Home Devices

Google Home is designed to work with over 1,000 devices, allowing you to control various appliances and amenities located in your house. Whether you are a smart home novice or a pro, you will find the following Google commands extremely useful:

  • “Hey Google, turn on my lights.”
  • “Hey Google, turn the temperature to 72 degrees.”
  • “Hey Google, lock the front door.”
  • “Hey Google, turn on the TV.”
  • “Hey Google, play channel 13.”

Operate Your Phone

You can perform many of your phone functions through your Google Home device. This allows you to utilize voice commands almost anywhere in your home to keep you connected to your phone:

  • “Hey Google, call Dad.”
  • “Hey Google, call the nearest cleaners.”
  • “Hey Google, find my phone.”
  • “Hey Google, pair my Bluetooth.”

Use It for Broadcasting

If you have multiple Google Home devices and a smart speaker in your home, you can use them to broadcast messages to other areas in the house. Some of the more popular broadcast commands are:

  • “Hey Google, broadcast wake everyone up.”
  • “Hey Google, broadcast dinner is ready.”
  • “Hey Google, broadcast it’s time to leave.”
  • “Hey Google, broadcast it’s bedtime.”


Tech Made Easy

Kiran Navale shows you how to activate Hey Google on your Android phone:

While the above list is some of the most popular and useful Hey Google commands, there is no limit to the possibilities and daily functions. With Google Home and Google Assistant features, you can now get through your activities more efficiently.

What are your favorite Hey Google commands? Tell us your list below!

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