Head online and find the best gifts for everyone on your list


Why would you subject yourself to the horrors of shopping through shopping malls and plazas during the holidays? You’ve experienced this particular headache before, and it’s a frustration that you don’t want to repeat, for many reasons. Even if you have a plan, it’s awful. Parking lots are always full, with line ups so long sometimes the cops are involved. Then once you’ve found a spot (always at the furthest point away from the entrance), you enter into the circus of a mall two weeks before Christmas. Elbow to elbow with your fellow, frustrated shopper, you’ll spend more time slow-walking the halls and lining up in queues than actually buying a gift.

3M vinyl skin for smartphone

This year, avoid all of the stress and claustrophobia that shopping in the mall can cause, and do yourself a huge favour by shopping online. You won’t be the only one ditching the mall for the Internet. One in five of all shoppers in the US and the UK will do their purchasing online. Not only will you and all of these other savvy shoppers save themselves a trip to the mall, but you’ll have a near limitless opportunity for gifts. Whereas in a shopping mall you’re limited by the type of stores in the plaza, you can reach any online shop from the comfort of your living room.

With this much choice comes great responsibility. It can be hard to narrow down what to get people when you can literally get them anything—within your budget of course! Finding that perfect gift for everyone on your list can be difficult. It can seem like everyone already has the latest toy or gadget that they want. But here lies a huge clue to getting the best present. If they already have the gadget, consider gifting them an accessory that will protect and stylize their device.

You can do that by purchasing a 3M vinyl skin for their smartphone, gaming device, or laptop. These skins will fit around any device, leaving no room between it and the surface of the item. That way it can provide unprecedented coverage, protecting it from items and situations that can damage their look or function. 3M vinyl is lightweight and slim enough to do this without ruining any modern device’s sleek features or adding unnecessary weight or dimension.

The vinyl is also incredibly versatile, able to cover a variety of devices in a variety of ways. iPhones, Androids, MacBooks, smartwatches, and PS4s can all receive the stylish yet protective touch of a skin. All you have to do is look for a skin provider that has built an empire out of their product. To find skins that keep up with all the latest releases and styles, check out dbrand.com/shop. They have the latest flagships of iPhone, LG, Nexus, and Pebble; and they also have the best selection of colours and textures to play with, meaning you can find a totally customized skin for anyone on your list.

So take a tip from the 1 in 5 US and UK citizens to be hitting the Internet for their holiday shopping. Open up your laptop and search out the best in vinyl skins. You’ll save yourself the anxiety of shopping in the middle of December and get one of the greatest gifts anyone on your list could ask for!

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