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Halloween season is here, so here’s a handy Halloween safety apps list for you. Install these apps to ensure your child’s safety during trick-or-treating or Halloween parties.

Ensuring Halloween Safety With Apps


1. FBI Child ID

Halloween is scary for many reasons. It’s even scarier for parents since their kids will be around strangers and big crowds at night during trick or treating. Thankfully, one of the best Halloween safety apps, FBI Child ID, is available for free.

It lets you create a profile for your child that authorities can use to help track them down in the event they go missing. You can list identifiers like your child’s height, weight, and distinct features. From the app, it’s only a few taps away to call emergency services. It’s a convenient app to have 365 days of the year, not just on Halloween.

Available for: Android and iOS

2. Glympse

If you need a fast and simple way to get your location out, Glympse is the app for you. In a nutshell, Glympse allows you to send a link containing your live location. This makes it easier to track you or your children when you’re out and about this Halloween.

Better still, it doesn’t require you to create an account or have the app to view locations. The app generates a one-time use link that can be opened with virtually any browser. This means no matter which device receives the link, they will always be able to see where you are. It’s also a great tool to have in case of emergencies when you need to let someone know where you are.

Available for: Android and iOS

3. Life360

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This app originally was recommended to me to help keep track of my teenagers. Then as I was leaving Florida, I was so worried about how to stay connected with dad and if something happened, that I downloaded it on his phone. I cannot tell you what peace of mind this is giving me. No I’m not stalking my dad. He knew I did it, and he can see us too! But in the morning I can see that he’s up and out of the house and doing his thing. At night I check and see that he’s back home and all is good. I highly recommend that you talk to your family and see if this makes sense for you. Not a paid endorsement, just a loved app! #life360app #life360 #stayingconnected #familyapproved #familyapp #parentingmemes #stayingsafe #agingparents #parentsofteens #independence #getoutanddrive #checkin

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We get, kids grow up. Sometimes, they want to go out to their own Halloween parties. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t know where they are — for safety reasons, of course.

Life360 allows you to view your family members’ locations in real time. You can even set “fences” around areas you don’t want them to go through. Now, your kids will never be able to say “I didn’t go there!” to your face. Just tell them that mom knows. Mom always knows.

Getting this app is on the top of our “Halloween tips for parents” list.

Available for: Android and iOS

4. Super Bright LED Flashlight

Sure, your phone may have a stock flashlight program running, but it’s pretty basic. It doesn’t fully unlock the potential of your smartphone‘s LED flash, unlike this app.

The Super Bright LED Flashlight is an essential Halloween safety app. You and your trick-or-treaters will be padding around in the dark, so seeing where you’re going makes this one of the best apps to stay safe this Halloween. An unexpected but welcome feature of this app is the ability to turn it into a strobe light. It’s a fancy effect that your trick-or-treaters can use to add more drama to their costumes!

Available for: Android

5. Party Glow Stick

Party Glow Stick | Halloween Safety | Safety Apps To Use This Halloween

Party Glow Sticks Lights Photo by Google Play

If flashlights aren’t cool enough for you, maybe you’d want to try a glow stick instead? But don’t head over to your nearest store just yet, because you can just download a glow stick straight into your phone.

The Party Glow Sticks app lets you pick from 8 default colors of glow sticks, with the option to use the color wheel to change things up. Just tap the glow stick to “break” it and shake to get the color flowing. It also has a strobe option, so you get a cooler effect than from your LED flash alone. It’s a great little thing to jazz up your trick-or-treaters’ costumes!

Available for: Android

6. Woozy Recalls and Safety Alerts

Woozy Recalls and Safety Alerts | Halloween Safety | Safety Apps To Use This Halloween

Woozy: Recalls & Safety Alerts Photo by Google Play

Contrary to its name, this app will not make you woozy. In fact, it keeps you from feeling that way. Woozy tracks any products that have been recalled and considered dangerous by the FDA. There’s really no knowing where the candies that end up in your child’s bucket come from. Thankfully, this app lists down all dangerous food items. All you need to do is to check the candies against the Woozy database to ensure that they’re completely safe.

Available for: Android and iOS

7. Sex Offenders Search

Worrying about predators that might take advantage of your children on Halloween is a real, legitimate concern. With this app, you can plot your trick-or-treating routes away from any offenders, or you can just avoid their houses altogether. You should stop at nothing to make sure that the kids stay safe during this night!

Available for: Android and iOS

8. American Red Cross First Aid

Learning first aid is never easy, but when you truly need it, you’ll learn that the training is always worth it. The American Red Cross put together a handy field first aid guide into an app.

This app teaches you how to administer first aid for practically any situation this Halloween. Scrapes, twisted ankles, broken wrists, choking, and the like are all very real hazards during trick-or-treating. And it’s not only relevant during Halloween. Having this app on your phone all year can literally mark the difference between life and death. Better start studying the lessons in this app!

Available for: Android and iOS

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9. Red Panic Button

Sometimes, you just want a simple app that your kids can use to let you know they’re in distress. Here’s where the Red Panic Button app comes in. It’s a super-simple, highly-intuitive app that just works.

Pushing the red button sends out an SMS and email with the phone’s GPS coordinates in a Google Maps link to the phone owner’s emergency contacts. It’s all the information anyone will need to locate a distressed child. It also syncs with wearable devices, so even if their phone is lost, their smartwatch can still send out the warning.

Available for: Android and iOS


Here is a video from KSDK NEWS with a few recommendations on Halloween safety apps:

Ensure that your little trick-or-treating monsters stay safe this Halloween. Help make their Halloween experience a safe and enjoyable one with these helpful apps. Don’t think twice about getting these programs for their gadgets because it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What are other Halloween safety apps you know about? Tell us about them in the comments section.

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Halloween Safety | Safety Apps To Use This Halloween
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