Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

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Get your Halloween accessories in order for the best season of all time! Halloween is fast approaching, so we’re giving you 11 great ideas to really make a “trick” tick!

Halloween Accessories | Make a Scene, Make Them Scream


1. Ghost Writing Book

Ghost Writing Book | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

Ghost Writing Book Animatronics Photo by Amazon

This creepy but cool self-writing book is one of the coolest Halloween props we’ve ever seen. It really puts the phrase “ghostwriting” into perspective (pun totally intended).

Welcome the Ghost Writing Book, an animatronic quill-and-book combo that puts the “spirit” in “Halloween spirit.” It’s a battery-powered, sound-activated animatronic Halloween prop where the quill moves around the book when it hears a sound. Perfect for houses that are going for the haunted house look this Halloween!

2. Screaming Doormat

Screaming Doormat | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

Pressure Sensitive Screaming Doormat Photo by Amazon

If you’re looking to scare the bejeezus out of your trick-or-treaters this Halloween, check out one of the creepiest Halloween decorations ever made. The Screaming Doormat is a pressure-sensitive doormat that screams when you step on it. It’s not that scary that kids will develop nightmares for days, but good enough to startle! As far as Halloween accessories for your home go, this one will definitely set your house apart.

3. Ghost Drone

Ghost Drone | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

Halloween Ghost Quad Photo by Alton Porter

No, it isn’t the ghost of the drone you bought and subsequently crashed. This cool Halloween prop is a bit on the pricey side and will require a bit of DIY, but it looks very, very cool indeed. This video by Alton Porter is a great little preview of what you can expect if you undertake this project. All you need is a bunch of white crepe paper, some red LEDs, and about $500 for a quadcopter if you don’t have one already.

Of course, you’ll need to learn how to fly a drone first, so better start training now! For added fun, try mounting a GoPro camera on the drone to catch the reactions of unsuspecting victims. This is by far one of the coolest Halloween props you could ever get.

4. ThatsMyFace Custom Mask

ThatsMyFace Custom Mask | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

Custom Wearable Mask Photo by ThatsMyFace

Ever wanted to come into a Halloween party dressed as yourself, but it’ll still be considered a costume? ThatsMyFace.com gives you that option. By sending them your photos, the company can generate a 3D replica of your face and turn it into a mask.

Check out the website — it is by far one of the creepiest fake body props we’ve ever seen, and we love it. These Halloween accessories are incredibly detailed and lifelike enough to cross the uncanny valley. Get a mask of yourself printed, go to a Halloween party, and watch people get weirded out because you aren’t moving your face at all.

Or just print out a mask of a Kardashian and confuse people.

5. Monster Bowl

Monster Bowl | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

Animated Monster Hand in Bowl Photo by Amazon

Halloween accessories should be creepy but harmless, and this one definitely fits both of these criteria. This animatronic monster bowl looks like a regular candy bowl but has motion sensors around it that trigger when someone puts their hand in. Fill this baby up with a bunch of candy and watch as people grab a handful of Snickers and a hand pops out. Definitely, a great way to make sure people take just one bar of chocolate each.

6. Ghost Hologram

If you’re willing to go a bit further with your Halloween props, this one’s perfect for you. It involves a projector, translucent curtains, and a laptop. Here’s a great guide for it, but we’ll list them down here for you too:

  • Hang a translucent curtain over an outward-facing window.
  • Attach your projector to your laptop and point it at the window.
  • Download a ghost projection video on YouTube. There are tons out there!
  • Use your favorite media player to play the video on a loop.

It’s so simple but so effective. It’s got to be one of our favorite Halloween props ever.

7. Morphsuits

Morphsuits | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

The Zombie Morphsuit Photo by Morphsuits

Morphsuits are like stockings that you put over your whole body. You might have seen them during behind-the-scenes shots of famous movies, where they’re worn by CG production assistants. Its material makes it so it’s easy to print anything digitally onto it… like these crazy cool costumes from morphsuits.com.

They come in a ton of designs, such as clown, zombie, and even Slender Man. The best thing about them is you just put ’em on and go. No need to bother with elaborate costumes! If you don’t have enough time to prepare, having these handy Halloween accessories nearby is a godsend.

8. 2D-3D Animatronic

This one’s definitely a horrifying little number, with an equally horrifying price to go with it too: almost $5,000. Hi-Rezdesigns.com sells a creepy 2D-3D animatronic prop door. It’s basically an LCD screen attached to a prop door, which opens up to reveal a hand that is moving in time with the video.

9. Fog Machines

silhouette of man standing | Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game

Here’s a classic Halloween accessory that’s always a hit. A simple fog machine can really liven up (or “deaden” down, if you know what we mean) any Halloween party. Just slap one down on the floor and watch as your patio turns into the creepiest, scariest patio in the world. For added effect, hide little things along the floor, such as toy figures, bone, arms sticking out of the ground. You know the type!

Tech Made Easy

10. Alexa Boo Bot

Alexa has many skills, but one of the lesser-known ones is her ability to tell scary, spooky stories. Alexa’s Boo Bot skill, which you can enable through the website, gives her the ability to tell you scary stories. Alexa will pull a random, highly-upvoted story from the /r/scaryshortstories subreddit. She will then start narrating it in an ASMR-like tone, which is sure to make all your hairs stand on end. Perfect for parties to fill in the “dead” air!

11. Atmospheric Music

This one is surprisingly simple but incredibly effective. Music, as we all know, truly sets the scene in a movie. This is especially important if the movie is trying to go for a truly freaky feel. So, hook up your phone to your smart speaker system and grab some creepy tunes from Tabletop Audio, a great resource for royalty-free atmospheric music. Watch as your guests enter your home and immediately feel chills down their spine thanks to your great taste in mood music!


Now that you have your Halloween accessories down pat, what about your costume? Mark Rober is here with some great suggestions:

Halloween is one of the best holidays in the world. It’s a night where people get dressed up and scare each other for fun. That’s why it’s always worth going the extra mile for with your Halloween props and accessories. So, go all out and make the most of your opportunity so this missed opportunities won’t haunt you for the rest of the year!

What other Halloween accessories do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments section.

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Halloween Accessories and Gadgets To Up Your Trick or Treating Game
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