Google Wallet Includes Fingerprint Support In Its Update

Google Wallet Includes Fingerprint Support In Its UpdateGoogle Wallet is focusing more on security with its new update, which includes fingerprint and universal PIN support. The update to version 20, the latest one of the app, went live last June making it more convenient for users. You can now secure both your finances and personal data literally with the help of your fingertips, according to Android Headlines, read more of the update below.

Google Wallet Focusing On Security In New Update | Google Wallet Includes Fingerprint Support In Its Update

Google Wallet Focusing On Security In New Update

Google Wallet’s fingerprint support has finally gone live as part of a small update to the application. In addition to Fingerprint support the app has now changed to using the Google Account PIN instead of the payments PIN like before, though you aren’t required to use this unless you want to use the fingerprint to unlock the application. If you do want to use your fingerprint, you’ll be greeted by the changes once you open the app up, and you’ll be given the option to switch to your Google Account PIN, but keep in mind that you may want to figure out what it is before you switch as you’ll be asked to enter it immediately after accepting the change, and if you don’t remember it the whole process just becomes a tiny hassle.

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Many of the major brands out there already use fingerprint scanning for a more secure unlocking system. Will this also work on Google Wallet? Surely you’ll be able to rest easier knowing that the sensitive information you input into your Google Wallet is secured.

Fingerprint Scanning And Its Benefits

Version 20 of Google Wallet uses a universal PIN that you can use across all your Google devices. However, FindBiometrics found this system to be problematic.  The centralized PIN code only made the app easier for hackers to get personal information. Adding fingerprint support can help eliminate possible hackings or security breaches.

Double The Security

You can always choose not to turn on the fingerprint scanning to unlock your Google Wallet. However, it’s highly advisable to do so for security. Who wouldn’t want to keep their information and cash secured? Incorporating fingerprint support with your Google PIN will only make the app more appealing to users.

New to Google Wallet? Check out this comparison video of the app versus Apple Pay and PayPal.

Which online payment service are you using now? Whether you prefer paying in hard cash or through credit or debit cards, security should always be a priority.

Do you think adding the fingerprint support will attract more people to use Google Wallet now? Sound off in the comments section below!

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