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Google Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is the answer to all your online office needs. With more than ten applications available to everyone with a Google account, it is easily one of the go-to platforms for every online business today.

Google Suite | What You Need to Know

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What Is Google Suite?

G Suite for Work is the ultimate office platform as it consists of several web applications made by Google for businesses. Once you secure a G Suite account, you’ll be given keys to Gmail (with the domain of your choice) with 30GB of Google Drive storage. Look for the Apps icon and you’ll see multiple Google applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

What Are the Benefits of Google Suite?

Google Suite provides you with huge online storage, professional email to distribute among employees, shared calendars, video calls and more. These apps make coordinating with co-workers fast and effective. You can simply give them access to your spreadsheets and documents, removing the process of attaching and downloading documents over e-mail. Creating video conferences and training sessions also become easier thanks to Google Hangouts, while Calendars make meetings easier to plan.

Google Suite is also mobile phone friendly and all apps are available for download in the App Store and Play Store. It works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets, regardless of their operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux).

What Are the Functions of Each Google Suite App?

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Each app caters to specific needs:

  • Drive – Google Drive is a cloud storage file-backup system that provides you with 15GB of disc space for all kinds of files.
  • Calendar – Use this feature to organize all your meetings, lectures, and events. Share your personal calendar with your contacts. Push notifications are sent to all parties involved when a scheduled event is happening soon.
  • Docs – Google Docs is a simple word processor you can use to create documents. It also has a Google search feature you can use to do research without the need to leave the document.
  • Sheets – Sheets is a handy spreadsheet program to organize alphanumeric data best presented in tables. Calculations and automated organization are also possible using formulas and scripts.
  • Slides – Use this tool to create stunning presentations similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Forms – Google Forms is mainly used to dish out surveys, gather information and ask questions. It has a simple interface which encourages the participants to finish the form.
  • Groups – Create a mailing list of employees, subscribers, and other specific groups with this tool.
  • Sites – Google Sites is a simple and fast way to create sophisticated web pages with the help of existing templates.
  • Hangouts – This communication feature can be used to set up conference calls and instant messaging.

How Do You Add Users and Email Addresses to Google Suite?

Now that you’ve set up your Google Suite, the next step is to add users and distribute email addresses to your co-workers. If you signed up for a free trial, you’ll be able to create 10 user accounts. If you’re using the G Suite setup wizard, follow the steps to add users.

If you’re planning to expand the number of users in your account, you must sign up for the Flexible or Annual billing plan. To do that:

  • Go to Google Suite Setup Wizard.
  • Click on the Manual Setup option to trigger the Google Admin console.
  • Select Billing.
  • Choose a plan. Options will be based on your geographical location, type of subscription, and mode of payment.
  • Once you upgrade, you’ll be able to add, delete and manage users in your Google Admin console.

How Do You Add Email Aliases in Google Suite?

Creating email aliases is a great way to organize your mailing list. It also gives businesses that extra boost of professionalism allowing the members to use aliases pertaining to the group. You can do it using your G Suite administrator account. Create [email protected] to let customers contact you. If you add this address as an alias to your business or personal e-mail, [email protected], then all the e-mails sent to [email protected] will also be sent there. The same concept applies to group addresses.

How Does Billing Work?

Google Suite offers two premium services to clients. The flexible plan charges you for all the services used each month. This is payable monthly via an enrolled credit card or bank account. Meanwhile, the annual plan charges for a whole year and is a renewable contract agreement. It also allows users to add more licenses at any time, but licenses can only be reduced at the end of the contract.


If you’re wondering how Google Suites differ from Office 365, here’s a comprehensive comparison video by Christoph Magnussen:

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Google Suite is, indeed, a must-have, especially when you’re managing a small business or on the go. With these cloud-based apps, Google guarantees your files will be safe and accessible anytime. Plus, you don’t need to worry if you have intermittent internet connection since it automatically saves regularly. If you have yet to try these apps, this is the best time to do so!

Are you an expert in the apps mentioned above? Share some tips in the comments below!

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