Google Sheets Formulas | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

FEATURE | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Have you mastered the basics of Google Sheets formulas? Learning additional functions is the next step in your journey to becoming a Google Sheets expert! More advanced functions add another layer of convenience and usefulness to the spreadsheet app. Below, we’ve outlined the top functions to up your Google Sheets game.

13 Google Sheets Formulas to Evolve Your Spreadsheet Game


1. Using Basic Google Sheets Formulas

Google Sheets wouldn’t be a spreadsheet app without the basic mathematical operations. If you want to perform simple algebra on a set of numbers, use these simple signs.

  • Start with the (=) sign
  • Use the (+) sign to add,
  • Use the (-) sign to subtract
  • The (*) to multiply
  • The (/) to divide

A simple formula would look like this: =5+5

2. Adding Values in a Row or Column

Adding Values in a Row or Column | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

If you have a column of numbers you’d like to find a total value for type, this is the function you need to remember. Put this in the cell after the row or column of the number array.

  • =SUM (Cell Letters and Numbers separated by commas)


3. Finding the Average

Finding the Average | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Of course, one of the important Google Sheets formulas you need to learn is knowing the median value of a row or a column of numbers. Remeber, these can be useful. All you have to do is input the Cell letter and numbers separated by commas.

  • Use =AVERAGE

4. Putting a Timestamp

Putting a Timestamp | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Date and time information can be important contextual information for you or your collaborators. In case you need to mark the time on your sheet, type:

  • =NOW (Cell Letter and Number)

5. Showing the Current Date

Showing the Current Date | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Another function to help you ease your time with Google Sheets is keying in the current date. If you want to put in today’s date in a cell, just use the Google Sheets function:

  • =TODAY(Cell Letter and Number)

6. Using Proper Capitalization

Using Proper Capitalization | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

In case you want to capitalize the first letter of every word in a phrase, you can use the formula below. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of article titles you need to do this for.

  • =PROPER(Cell Letter and Number)

7. Making All Uppercase

Making All Uppercase | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

If you’re working on a file that requires every letter to be capitalized, below’s the formula you’ll need. You can easily change everything to all caps by typing this.

  • =UPPER(Cell Letter and Number)

8. Counting Characters in a Cell

Counting Characters in a Cell | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Now, if you’re working on a fixed wording, you can always let the Google Sheets formulas do the character count for you. If you’re working with a tight character count, just type the function below to find out how many characters are in a cell.

  • =LEN(Cell Letter and Number)

9. Validating Emails

Validating Emails | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Say you need to check an email list and root out the invalid addresses, you can do all of them in one go with one of the best Google sheets functions yet. Just type below’s formula and you’re all set.

  • =ISEMAIL(Cell Letter and Number)

10. Cleaning Data Sets

There will come a time you may need to work with large sets of text in Google Sheets. The best spreadsheet functions for this are Trim, Clean, and Unique. Use these quick functions.

  • Remove non-printable or special characters: =TRIM(Cell Letter and Number)
  • To remove spaces in your datasets: =CLEAN(Cell Letter and Number)
  • Remove duplicate values: =UNIQUE(Cell Letter and Number)

11. Translating Foreign Words

Translating Foreign Words | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Ever need to translate a foreign word in Google Sheets? In case your data set has foreign words you need to translate, use this interesting addition to the list of Google sheets formulas:

  • =GOOGLETRANSLATE(Cell Letter and Number)

12. Reading Up on Your Favorite Blogs and Sites

Going from blog site to blog site can both be distracting and tiring. It takes up energy you’ll need for later. Now, you can get updated with your reading list by using the function below.


13. Notifying Collaborators with Email

Notifying Collaborators with Email | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

Although not strictly one of the Google Sheets formulas you can use in cells, this is the one really useful feature when collaborating with others on a spreadsheet file. When commenting, just use the (+) sign and type the email address of the collaborator you have in mind. They’ll receive an email notifying them of your comment.

Additional Notes:

Additional Notes | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions

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You can select multiple rows and columns after typing the:

  • (=) sign and the FUNCTIONNAME

Do this by going to the first cell of the selection and pressing the Shift key. Navigate towards the end cell using the arrow keys. You should see the Cell Letters and Numbers or the Cell References in the parentheses after the name of the function.


If you want to learn more about Google Sheets functions, here’s a video from Mr. Glenn’s Cloud Classroom about advanced Google Sheets topics:

The Google Sheets formulas on this list are just the start of utilizing the great features this productivity application has to offer. Can’t wait for the next post? Here’s a preview of the additional functions available to use within Google Sheets. Google has programmed functions for engineering, statistics, financial, and more into their spreadsheets app.

What Google Sheets formulas interest you the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on December 19, 2017. It has been updated for accuracy and relevancy.

Google Sheets Formulas | 13 Useful Google Sheets Functions
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