How to Make Google Home Your Sous Chef

How to Make Google Home Your Sous ChefGoogle Home now makes your kitchen even more lively with its newest feature as your sous chef. Yes, you can say goodbye to your tablet or iPad getting dirty with ingredients while you’re preparing a meal and scrolling your screen at the same time. With the new recipe feature, you can ask Google Home to read out a recipe for you. Aside from that, you also have full control of Google Home as you choose whether to read the cooking steps in three or just one at a time. You may even ask it to play back the previous step or repeat the current one. Find out what else your Google Home sous chef can do for you by reading on below.

Google Home Now Takes You Further in the Kitchen

Step 1: Ask Google about Popular Recipes

If you want to know how to add a recipe to Google Home, you can ask “Ok Google, find me a spaghetti recipe.” Or you can also say, “Hey, Google. I want to bake an apple pie.”

Step 2: Choose Your Desired Recipe

Google Home will read out recipe options. Then you will decide. You can also ask it to send the recipe to you. Once you’re ready to start, just say “Start.”

Step 3: Listen to the Steps

If you want to listen to a step, you can ask Google Home, “What is step 8?” If you need to skip to the next step, you can say “Go to step 3 or go to the last step.” Also, if you want to know how many remaining steps are there, you may ask, “How many more steps to go.” And for the next and previous steps, just say ”Next step” or “Previous step.”

Step 4:  Repeat the Ingredient or Step

If you need to repeat the ingredient, you can say “Repeat ingredient” or “Repeat step 2.” Take note that you always have to include the phrase “Ok Google” followed by your instruction.

Step 5: Ask for the Next Ingredients and Quantity of Ingredients

You may do this by asking Google Home “What is the next ingredient?” Or you can simply say “Next ingredients.” Then for the quantity, just say, “How much oil?”

Step 6: Get Tips such as the How-To and also the Conversion

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You can ask Google Home for the how-to tips by asking “How do I glaze sugar?” or “Can I replace lime with vinegar?” For the conversion, you can ask “How many ml is 1 cup?” or “How many tablespoons in 1 cup?”

Step 7: Ask for the Preparation Time and the Cooking Time

If you want to know how long it will take for you to cook the dish, you may ask “What is the total cooking time?” For the preparation, you may ask “How long is the preparation time?” If you want to ask the total of preparation and cooking time, you can ask Google Home, “What is the total time?”

Step 8: Get the Serving Size, Calorie Count, and Cooking Temperature

You may ask “How many does this recipe serve?” For the calorie content, you can ask “What is the calorie count?” You can ask “What is the cooking temperature?” for the desired heat.

Step 9: Set the Timer and Return to the Recipe

When setting the timer, you can say “Set a timer for 1 hour.” If you need to return to the recipe, just say “Next step” or “Repeat step.”

Step 10: End the Cooking Process

When you’re done with the cooking process, you may exit the recipe by saying “Stop cooking.” Now, you can enjoy your meal without going through all the hassle of cooking a recipe especially if it’s the first time.

Watch Made by Google’s video to learn more about Google Home’s sous chef:

Google Home currently can browse through around 5 million recipes for you to choose from. However, it can only store one recipe at a time. The good thing is that Google Home can still multitask even if you ask it to recite the cooking steps. You may ask it to play music for you or ask about the time while you’re in the middle of the cooking process. Using Google Home as a sous chef packs a lot of opportunities. For one, you can now use Anova Precision Cooker with Google Home. The fun things to do with Google Home are endless!

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