7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

Google Docs templates make collaboration with others much easier. If you’re looking to make the most of your Google Suite tools, we have 7 templates to help you make the most of your valuable time. Because Google Docs templatizes things like resumes, meeting agendas, and invoices, it’s easier for the end user to focus on content. Check out the following templates and learn how to maximize their use for your ultimate convenience.

Google Docs Templates: 7 Types To Help Maximize Work

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1. Resume

Resume | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

It takes time and patience to format a resume. If you’re in a rush to complete a professional-looking document, you can use this simple and slick-looking Google Docs resume template or choose from many other options via the Template Gallery. This template features sections for contact information, work experience, education, and skills. Its easy-to-navigate layout also makes it easy to view for employers.

You can also click other designs in the template gallery. One design that many job hunters favor is the resume template with green text or this one with side blurbs that allow everything to fit on a single page.


2. Cover Letter

Cover Letter | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

Cover letters are as important as resumes. Unfortunately, they’re also difficult to format. This cover letter template provides not only structure but also clear suggestions for explaining skills and qualities to a future employer. Also, the template is simple and compact as every cover letter should be.


3. Meeting Agenda

 Meeting Agenda | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

Keep meetings running smoothly with a custom agenda template. This sophisticated template clarifies the meeting’s date, time, location, and provides a quick summary of the last meeting. There are also objectives included for the current meeting. Also, you can highlight minutes, action items, and future agenda items with bullet points.


4. Business Letter

Business Letter | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

Business letters may be tricky to format, but this template removes all of the initial work. It also has a crisp and professional look for all official communications. The template opens with the company’s name and the writer’s contact information. Then, it follows the traditional paragraph structure with a signature in the end. It is highly versatile and you can use the template for a variety of company memos or communication.


5. Invoice

Invoice | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

Invoicing can create much hassle and inconvenience. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet may be the traditional avenue for invoicing, but it’s not for everybody. Also, some users prefer the simplicity of Google Docs-based invoices so they don’t have to deal with numerous sheets, slides, or a drop-down menu.

As an example, check out this invoice template. It’s simple, stylish, and easy to navigate. There are also separate sections provided for work description, amount of money per hour, the amount of time invested in the project, and the total pay. The document also includes a specific space for payment terms and address.


6. Newsletter

Newsletter | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

You can keep customers and clients up to date with this versatile newsletter. It also allows you to replace the document’s placeholder images with more relevant graphics. The template also provides structure for article titles, author names, and content. You may also include the organization’s name and address at the bottom of the document.


7. Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan | 7 Google Docs Templates To Make Life Easier | Noobie

Tech Made Easy

Many corporate and non-profit employees love Google Docs. It’s also useful in the education sector. The right template can speed up the process of creating clear and concise lesson plans. This versatile lesson plan template is one teachers can use over and over again. It’s ideal for use in middle and high school classes but you may also use it for other purposes. It outlines objectives, education standards, materials, and activity descriptions.

Another alternative lesson plan template designed by Reading Rainbow is also available. You can explore this in the Reading Rainbow plan. It boasts an easy-to-follow format and provides helpful insights to teachers.


Here’s a quick tutorial to help you access all the Google Docs templates:

With Google Docs templates, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You not only have designs that’ll fit your professional needs but even those to help with your personal tasks. From resumes, a to-do list, to lesson plans, Google Docs templates offers it all.

Which among the Google Docs templates are you having difficulty working on? Please share your answers in the comments section below.

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