7 Goal Setting Apps To Start Your Year Right

Goal Setting Apps To Start Your Year RightYou know it’s time to download goal setting apps when the new year rolls around. With a bit of mindfulness and an excellent organization tool to chart your course, you can ace anything you set your mind to. Let’s look at the apps available for both the Android and iOS that’ll help you turn your vision board into reality this coming year.

Goal Setting Apps for 2018

1. Habitica

Gamification should be a part of every free goal tracking app, and Habitica is a prime example of how integrating gaming into goal setting works. Habitica uses the elements of a role-playing game to your scheduling, habit programming, and tasking and rewards you for items you tick off your lists. Who says you can’t swallow the frog in the morning and level up as a knight by 5 pm?


Try HabitHub when you want an intuitive approach to habit creation and goal-setting. HabitHub works off Seinfeld’s productivity idea of using chains to form habits. The longer and more consistent you do an action on a daily basis, the longer the chain becomes. It’s elegant and straightforward design keeps you focused on your goals.

3. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack markets itself as the goal setting app for achievers and indeed, it has the right set of features to help you achieve things on your plate. The app has a project management side which breaks down big-ticket items into milestones and sub-tasks. It also has a built-in visualization board which helps you envision the life you want.

4. Strides

Strides is one of the best goal setting apps of 2017. You can build habits by tracking how many times you perform a particular action daily. The goals aspect of the app is also pretty robust with goal setting to meet a target value by date. The app also helps you break down large projects into smaller tasks and keep you abreast of averages for a particular period.

5. HabitBull

HabitBull is a powerful goal-setting tool you can use to break bad habits like smoking while simultaneously building good ones. You can sync HabitBull across multiple devices and customize its interface with widgets.

6. Lifetick

Your goals are the manifestation of your values, and the makers of Lifetick know that. The app begins helping you envision your dreams based on your core values and working outwardly from these beliefs to set smart goals. It’s a nuanced way to set your goals and build your life around your principles.

7. Coach.me

When you need serious guidance and direction to make changes in your life, Coach.me’s the smart goal setting app for you. What differentiates this goal setting app from the rest is the service of professional coaches who will motivate you and guide you, so you’ll stay on track to getting the life you want.

Here’s ModernHealthMonk to show you how he uses three apps to monitor his habits:

Goal setting apps will help you turn time into an active resource and a year into an investment. These programs will show you how small actions can lead you to the life you want. So before 2018 starts, download one of these apps and make changes to get a head start on your resolutions.

Want to Unplug for a Bit?

What are your goals for the coming year? Comment down below and let’s talk about what apps to use to maximize opportunities in the coming year.

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