Gmail Recovery | How To Recover Your Gmail [5 Easy Steps]

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Gmail recovery is very important for any busy professional who has a lot of data to keep track of. This is because of how its many features help with productivity. These features are user-friendly they allow you to schedule appointments, send emails, and accomplish tasks in no time. So, here are the 5 easy steps and tips on how to recover your Gmail account.

Gmail Recovery | Learn How to Recover Your Gmail Address

The Importance of Gmail Recovery

To say that forgetting your Gmail password is a problem can be a huge understatement if you are reliant on Google to get through everyday tasks. This is because of how Google makes use of one password to access all your Google accounts such as YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and Google Sheets. If you forget your Gmail password, you won’t be able to access the many services of Google.

When you forget your password and end up mistyping it multiple times, Google won’t lock you out completely. Instead, they offer a multitude of different ways to recover your Gmail account. Given this, Google offers many options if you forgot your Gmail password.

Begin with the Basics

To recover your Gmail account, first, open the Gmail page. Enter your username as the site directs and click ‘Next.’ This will redirect you to a different page wherein you enter your password. To recover your password, click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link.

After clicking the ‘Forgot Password?’ link, you will be taken to the Account Help page. There, you will either encounter a series of questions or directions to start recovering your account. These questions will help you remember your password. If you end up remembering it while getting through the questions, you will not need to complete all the prompts.

1. Use the Last Password You Remember

Use the Last Password You Remember | Gmail Recovery | How To Recover Your Gmail [5 Easy Steps]
Google also allows you to enter the last password you remember. This specific method of Gmail recovery is ideal if you forget your current password due to frequent changing of email passwords. Frequent changing of a password is a good practice for security purposes. With this method, you are free to enter any of the previous passwords you used to access your account. If you fail to remember the passwords, you can always click on ‘Try Another Way.’

2. Enter Your Phone Number

Another way to access your Gmail account is by using your personal phone number. Gmail will ask for your phone number if you happen to get any of the passwords wrong. It is crucial you use the same phone number you linked to your account. To help ensure you are able to enter the correct phone number for your account, the page will provide the last two digits of your phone number. Enter your phone number to access your account. If you don’t have an active number, you can also click ‘I Don’t Have My Phone’ to try a different method of Gmail recovery.

After typing in your phone number, click ‘Next.’ The system will send an SMS to your phone with the verification code. Be patient with this because the 6-digit verification code may take a while to get to your phone. Upon receiving the code, type it in and click the ‘Next’ button.

3. Remember When You Created Your Google Account

This particular method is ideal for users who have very new accounts. It can be difficult to remember exactly which specific month and year you created your account. To do this, click the arrow-down button which will lead to a drop-down menu popping out. Choose your best guess for the month and year you created your account. If you don’t remember the date, you can click either ‘Try Another Way’ or ‘Next.’

4. Receive a Verification Code

You can ask for a verification code to recover your Gmail account if you have other active emails to send the code to. In doing this, the Google system will send a verification code to your secondary email address to access your Gmail account. Enter the secondary email address you linked to your Gmail account for recovery. If you have multiple emails, the system will help you remember which one to type in by showing a fraction of the complete email address. If you don’t have a secondary email or if you can’t remember your email address, click ‘Try Another Way’ or  ‘Next.’ If you get the secondary email address wrong, you will need to repeat the entire process of Gmail recovery.

5. Any Email Address

If all else fails, Google also provides an option to input any email address accessible to you. After inputting this email, you will then be sent a verification code. This code will allow you to eventually log into your account and change the password to something more memorable.

Gmail Recovery Snag: If Google Can’t Seem to Sign You In

It is possible to attempt everything you could to recover your password yet still end up unable to access your account. If this is the case, it is likely Google is unable to verify whether you are the owner of the account. It is important for Google to enforce this policy to maintain their security and protection of all accounts.

The first thing you must understand is there are several factors which play into your inability to sign into your account. These factors include the following:

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  • Wrong Username – Before you go on and begin password recovery, make sure your username is correct.
  • Old Account – Google tends to make older accounts inaccessible due to how these tend to show account abandonment. They do this to some accounts if they hadn’t been accessed for three months.
  • Technical Errors – Another possibility is app errors. It is possible to have trouble signing in if the app you are using is undergoing a glitch. You’ll also have trouble signing in if your internet connection is unstable.
  • Caps Lock – A common error for people is overlooking caps lock. Your Google password is case sensitive. If you had accidentally pressed the caps lock button on your keyboard, you will then be typing in the wrong password. This is an easy error to make if you do not view the password before attempting to sign in.

How to Avoid Forgetting Your Gmail Password

At the event you are able to recover your Gmail password, you should then do something to avoid this hassle from happening again. Here are some easy and quick tips for avoiding having trouble with password recovery again:

  • Have Multiple Backups – Make sure to fill out the Gmail recovery address and phone number part of your profile. Doing this can make all the difference if ever you end up forgetting your password again. If you have the 2-step verification option turned on, you can download the backup codes and even include a backup phone. It is important to be aware of how you have a limited list of backup codes. You must generate a new list before using it all up.
  • Tell Trusted Friends and Family About Your Account – To further help you with the recovery process, let a few of your most trusted friends and family know about your recovery details and welcome messages. To take it a step further, you can even ask if you can add their information to your account.
  • Secure Your Computer – Make sure your computer is as safe and secure as possible.
  • Turn on the Autofill Form – Turn on the Autofill form so your browser can do all the remembering for you by matching the username with its password.

Hopefully, these Gmail recovery options have helped you with accessing your account. These very simple steps can help you reclaim your account when needed. If you are still worried about forgetting your password again and, as a result, failing to access your Google Calendar, consider syncing it with Outlook.

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