Gmail Recovery | How To Recover Your Gmail [5 Easy Steps]

Feature Image | Gmail Recovery | How To Recover Your Gmail [5 Easy Steps]

Are you using Google for email, document organization, or calendar updates? Maybe you’re using all the Google suite apps! If so, it’s important that you understand the steps to Gmail recovery to avoid losing access to your precious data. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to recovering your Gmail account.

Gmail Recovery | Reclaim Your Account With Easy Options

Can’t remember if you used your maiden name or your dog’s name along with those numbers for your password? No problem! Gmail recovery comes to the rescue!

Pro Tip: Creating a strong password is very important.

Forgetting your Gmail password is a problem for one big reason. Google uses a universal password for all your Google-related accounts. These include YouTube, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and more. If you don’t know how to get into your Gmail, you won’t be able to access any of the other services Google offers.

The good news is that Google doesn’t lock your account if you mistype your password multiple times. Rather, it offers you plenty of opportunities for Gmail recovery.

To learn how to recover your Gmail account, begin with the basics:

  1. Open the Gmail page.
  2. Enter your username. Click “Next.”
  3. You will be directed to the Enter Password page. Because you want to recover your password, click “Forgot Password?”

Get Help On Gmail Password Reset With These Prompts

After you click “Forgot Password,” the Account help page opens. It will ask you a series of questions or give you specific directions. These are intended to help you remember or figure out your password. Once you do, you don’t have to complete the remaining prompts.

1. Enter the Last Password You Remember

Enter The Last Password You Remember | Gmail Recovery Step By Step

Go to Enter the Last Password You Remember Using This Google Account. If you can’t remember a password, click “Try Another Way.” Otherwise, enter the password you think might work. It doesn’t matter if it’s the last or the first password. What matters is that at one time you used the password on the account. Click “Next.”

2. Give Your Phone Number

Give Your Phone Number | Gmail Recovery Step By Step

If you get any of the passwords wrong, the page will ask you to input your phone number. This is the mobile number linked to your account.

Enter the number. If you don’t have your phone number (or your phone), click “I Don’t Have My Phone.” Otherwise, click “Next.” The system will send you a verification code. Wait for it. It usually takes a minute or two. Enter the six-digit verification code. Click “Next.”

Note: The page will give you only the last two digits of the phone number. Your provider will also charge you for the text message.

3. Remember When You Created Your Google Account

Unless your Gmail account is new, this part will be difficult. Google wants you to be specific about the month and year. Just try your best.

Click the arrow-down button to reveal a drop-down menu. Choose the month and year. If you don’t remember the details, click “Try Another Way” or “Next.”

4. Get a Verification Code

If you have other email accounts, you can use them for Gmail recovery. The system will send you a verification code, which you can then use to open your account.

Enter the email address you chose for Gmail recovery. To help you remember, the page will also give you part of the complete address. If you can’t remember, click “Try Another Way” or “Next.”

Note: If you get the email address wrong, the system will tell you something is wrong with the address. You will then have to repeat the entire Gmail recovery option process.

5. Add Any Email

Add Any Email | Gmail Recovery Step By Step

Still can’t recover your password? Don’t have a recovery email? Use whatever email address you have available. It can be from your workplace or it might be a good idea to set up a secondary account to use specifically for recovery.

Enter the email address you wish to use and click “Next.” Wait for the system to send the verification code to that email. Follow the directions to retrieve your password. Otherwise, click “Try Another Way.”

Gmail Recovery Snag: Google Can’t Sign You In

Gmail Recovery Snag: Google Can’t Sign You In | Gmail Recovery Step By Step

You tried everything, and nothing worked. At this point, Google can’t verify whether you are truly the owner of the account.

Want to Unplug for a Bit?

The first thing you must do is understand whether other factors are preventing you from signing in. These include the following:

  • Wrong Email Address – Check the spelling.
  • Old Account – Google can make old accounts inaccessible, thinking they are abandoned. If you haven’t logged in for the past three months, perhaps this is the reason.
  • Technical Errors – The app you’re using isn’t working, or you have a poor Internet connection.

Forgot Your Gmail Password? Here’s How to Avoid It

Forgot Gmail Password? Here’s How to Avoid It | Gmail Recovery Step By Step

If you successfully recover your lost password and open your account, your next step should be to ensure you don’t lose your password again (or at least make the Gmail recovery process shorter). Here are some of the best tips:

  • Add as many backups as you can. Fill out the Gmail recovery address and phone number. If you turned on the two-step verification option, download the backup codes and include a backup phone. Keep in mind that you have a limited list of backup codes. Before you use up all of them, generate a new list.
  • Inform your trusted friends and family about your account. Share with them your recovery details and welcome messages or add their email and phone information to your account. This is also for your protection if something happens to you.
  • Keep your computer secure. Start with these handy tips.
  • Turn on the Autofill form. This way, Chrome does the remembering for you.

Gmail Recovery | How To Recover Your Gmail [5 Easy Steps]

Hopefully, these Gmail recovery options have helped you with accessing your account. These very simple steps can help you reclaim your account when needed. If you are still worried about forgetting your password again and, as a result, failing to access your Google Calendar, consider syncing it with Outlook.

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