Is The Furbo Dog Camera As Smart As They Say It Is?

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We’ll show you nine reasons why the Furbo is one of the best smart devices for pets and why it is arguably the greatest invention made for dogs since kibble.

In this article:

  1. Designed Specially for Dogs
  2. Real-Time Barking Alerts and Notifications
  3. Full HD Wide-Angle Dog Camera
  4. Night Vision View
  5. Treat Tossing Feature
  6. Interactive Two-Way Radio
  7. Easy Set-Up and Installation
  8. Multiple Device and Platform Support
  9. Dog Diary and Event Logs Service


Why Furbo Is a Hot Product in Dog Safety Smart Devices

1. Designed Especially for Dogs

Furbo’s manufacturers anchor the strength of their product on its dog-centric design from its form factor to its set of features. The company claims the Furbo Dog Camera has met the approval of 5,000 pro dog trainers and veterinarians.

The Furbo itself stands at only around 9-inches. Its smooth and sleek shell makes it blend well with the rest of your house decor.

Since its designers thought of dogs rough-housing with the pet tech, they made sure the Furbo can withstand all the tough love puppies can give it.

2. Real-Time Barking Alerts and Notifications

A dog barks to greet someone or as a warning against intruders. With this in mind, the Furbo will send you a push notification on your Android smartphone or iPhone when your dog barks so you can check what’s happening on the premises.

3. Full HD Wide-Angle Dog Camera

Your dog will appear on-screen in full high-definition, thanks to Furbo’s 1080p resolution camera. The camera also casts a wide net since it can capture a 160-degree view. Distant dog owners can also perform a 4x zoom to catch minute details in the background.

4. Night Vision View

Night Vision View | Is The Furbo Dog Camera As Smart As They Say It Is?

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing Photo by Amazon

In case you’ll be coming home late at night and you haven’t switched the lights on, the Furbo will still allow you to check on your pets, thanks to the camera’s night vision view.

5. Treat Tossing Feature

Your dog will suffer from boredom, and this may make your dog restless and troublesome. Fortunately, you can play a game of catch with your pet through the Furbo’s treat tosser. Keep them happy even when you’re away.

Dog owners can stuff 100 pieces of treats inside the Furbo’s treat well and then activate the feature from time to time to either play with their dog or reward them. The treat tosser also allows dog owners to train their pets to respond to the device or to their owner’s voice commands from the speakers.

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6. Interactive Two-Way Radio

Furbo’s designers claim their smart device will alleviate a dog’s separation anxiety. To achieve this, they integrated a two-way radio which will allow dog owners and their dogs to communicate. Hearing your voice will certainly calm down your pet.

Your dogs will know if you’re online through the device when the Furbo emits blue light. If you’ve tossed them a few treats from the device itself, they’ll certainly hang around the Furbo and give you a friendly bark as soon as you turn the camera on.

7. Easy Set-Up and Installation

You just need to plug the Furbo in, download the app, configure the device to connect to your Wi-Fi, and you’re set.

8. Multiple Device and Platform Support

Dog owners can use the Furbo on their iPhones, Android smartphones, and with their Amazon Alexa hubs. What’s awesome about using Amazon Alexa with your Furbo is it allows you to enable things like treat-tossing through voice-commands.

9. Dog Diary and Event Logs Service

The Furbo ships with a 90-day free trial of their Furbo Dog Nanny service in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Basically, the Furbo Dog Nanny service has expanded the already robust features of a Furbo unit and adds:

  • 24 Hour Events-Based Cloud Recording

Dogs live different lives from humans, and it’s important for us to zone-in on some cues as to why dogs behave the way they do.

The Furbo Dog Nanny service’s cloud monitoring allows you to see what mischief your pet is getting into while you’re away. Its event-based trigger means the Furbo will only switch on when it detects your pet doing something. The gadget will help you catch most of your pet’s antics and save it for posterity in your cloud-hosted account.

What is the cloud? This term is used when people access information in data centers using a network connection. Learn more about cloud computing here.

  • Real-Time Notifications

Without the Furbo Dog Nanny, the Furbo’s alerts will be isolated to barking notifications. The Furbo Dog Nanny tacks additional alerts like the Dog Activity Alert, the Dog Selfie Alert, and the Person Alert. The Dog Activity Alert appears on your phone as soon as your dog does something near the Furbo.

When your dog comes to the Furbo up close, the unit immediately snatches a picture of your pet and prompts you a Dog Selfie Alert. You should also take this as a sign your dog wants to hear from you and might want you to toss him or her a treat.

Finally, the Person Alert notifies you if there’s another person in the house with your pet.

Tech Made Easy

As you can imagine, these alerts can also save your pet’s life by notifying you and making you see if they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing like eating chocolate or other possibly toxic things. A lot of dog owners leave Furbo reviews with stories of how the notifications allowed them to bring their pets to the vet in time after they’ve eaten something bad.

  • Doggie Diary

The Furbo Dog Nanny will collate snapshots of your dog’s day through its recordings and give it to you in 1-minute daily highlight reels. These little visual bites of your pet will be precious as time moves on and you and your pet’s age.

Learn more about Furbo Dog Camera in this video from Furbo Dog Camera:

For many of us, a house is not a home without a dog or a cat in it. That’s why we have smart devices for pets like the Furbo here to allow us to bring in and rear our four-legged friends better and easier.

Based on what we’ve seen of what the Furbo can do for pet owners, we’re glad to say that this slice of the smart devices market has a great tail-wagging future in front of it.

What other smart devices and features do you want to see for your pets? Should they also make other smart devices for other kinds of pets like hamsters, snakes, etc? Give us your thoughts by writing in the comment section below.

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Is The Furbo Dog Camera As Smart As They Say It Is? |

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