How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy

How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy | how to free memory on iphoneIsn’t it amazing how we still lack free space on iPhone? Even 128 gigabytes of storage capacity falls short at times, and we’re left wondering which files to delete or apps to uninstall. Learn how to free memory on iPhone quickly and manage your storage efficiently today!

The Actual Free Space on iPhone Explained

What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know | How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy | how to free memory on iphone

You probably are unaware of the two units of measure Apple uses: Gigabyte and Gibigite, decimal and binary system.

The capacity of your iPhone is measured using the decimal system (base 10). This is an international standard unit of measure for device storage. However, computers and your phone’s operating system uses the binary system (base 2). Translated, this makes your 128 gigabytes (GB) into 119.209 gibibytes (GiB). It has everything to do with marketing and math, and all storage devices deal with this conversion discrepancy. According to Apple, though, its patrons do not lose any data space to this matter.

Now that we understand our storage limitations let’s explore the many ways how to free memory on iPhone!

Update your iOS

The latest developments often come with freeing storage space without the need to delete apps, photos or videos. Ensure you let your iPhone run optimally by regularly updating your iOS! Head to Settings, then select General. Choose Software Update and voila!

Review Apps’ Storage Usage, Delete All Unused and Unnecessary

Review Apps' Storage Usage, Delete All Unused and Unnecessary | How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy | how to free memory on iphone

Studies show that smartphone users only use five apps actively. This means those other downloaded apps are just taking up precious space for no reason. Review your apps and delete all unused and unnecessary from your iPhone. By doing this, all the storage your app and its saved data used will restore to available. Likewise, weed your photos and videos as necessary.

  • Access Settings, then General. Select Storage > Manage Storage.

You will find that all your apps are listed here, for your convenience. Clear it up today!

Enable iCloud Photo Library

Enable iCloud Photo Library | How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy | how to free memory on iphone

The iCloud Photo Library is an excellent way to free space on iPhone. It’s a sync and backup system that, when the toggle is on, automatically uploads images and videos to your iCloud via WiFi. Turn on Optimize Storage to keep the latest taken or viewed photo or video while the rest are sent to your iCloud, they are downloadable too.

Pro tip: Disable Photo Streaming to keep your iCloud devices from sharing your images and videos. This can save you at least a good 1 GB of memory!

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Prune Your Messages, Music, Podcasts

Prune Your Messages, Music, Podcasts | How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy | how to free memory on iphone

Unless you use your Messages, Music, and podcasts as a life repository, there is little use to keep lengthy message threads, voicemail, unwanted music and podcasts over time.

Go to Keep Messages and choose among 30 Days, A Year and Forever to suit your needs. While at it, free space on iPhone by turning on Low-Quality Image Mode to reduce the file size of items sent to you.

Likewise, delete artists and albums.

  • Go to Settings > General. Scroll down to Storage & iCloud Usage. Check on Manage Storage > Music.

Run through your artist list and select by swiping to the left of your chosen performer. The same process also applies to your podcasts. Select Podcasts in the Manage Storage section and delete what you want with a left swipe.

Delete Safari Cookies and Data

Delete Sarafi Cookies and Data | How To Free Space On iPhone Fast & Easy | how to free memory on iphone

Over time, all the websites and its cookies accumulate and may take up an appropriate amount of storage space.

  • Click on Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

If you’re ready to let go of its contents, hit Clear History and Data to free it up.


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The best way to free space on iPhone is to observe proper data management. No matter the storage size your device offers, without proper handling of data, you will always be lacking memory. Try these recommendations and win at keeping free space on iPhone regularly!

How do you keep your iPhone storage space in check? We’d love to hear your tips below!

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